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  • Ivyiscool Level 1 (0 points)

    This is what I did. I blowed dry the earphone jack till the screen comes up with temperature warning then turned the phone off wait 15 mins turned it back on. The wifi works. Sound crazy but it works. I got it off youtube   . You should give it a go

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    Thanks - I'll give it a go when I can get my hands on my hair dryer

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    I tried, the heating and freezing method, IT WORKS! It last for 2 weeks! But sadly, after 2 weeks, my iPhone 4S suddenly couldn't find any nearby wifi but the toggle still haven't greyed out. But after a quick restart, it greyed out AGAIN. C'MON APPLE! whats going on?

  • VamoozE Level 1 (0 points)

    Spot on Buddy,


    I am a tech, and the way you explained this is 100% on spot. If people have tried the firmware restore and all sorts of resetting and still have the issue. its hardware, and its the heat management chip which is malfunctioning, causing wifi to grey out and also sometimes BT.


    And like you said, Doing Software updates/restores don't cause the problem.


    They just bring out the Pre-existing problem, and make it visible to the user.




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    I tried all of the above (Airplane Mode, Reset Network settings, even a full Erase and Restore), but none of them worked for me.


    Then I decided to combine information from several threads and figured that if it is an overheating problem, the solutions for avoiding overheating may work. I therefore switched off all the options under Privacy-Location Settings-System Services and eventually even decided to completely switch off the Location Services completely anyway. I don't know (yet) why (I understood that Location Services generate quite some traffic, causing at least some temperature increase) but for me this is already working for a few days.


    It is a shame of course that in case you wanted to keep your Location Settings working you can't when you face the WiFi issue, but on the other hand, why have it continuously switched on anyway....? Anyone with an explanation why this may work?

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    Hey RedDevil


    Any network related service on an iPhone does use a significant amount of power and processing. Hence if you have you phone on airplane mode your battery life is unbelievable. Obviously processing generates heats which is going to make the whole device warmer, causing it to affect the wifi chip.


    You solution is a temporary one and not the best as alot of iPhone users use location services etc.


    I would highly recommend getting that chip re-flowed or replacing the whole Logic board. But from what i know Apple wont re-flow just that chip.


    Depends if you got extended warranty or anything of the sort, that might be your best option instead of getting a new phone or paying a fee for getting the chip re-flowed.


    Hope this makes sense:)



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    Thanks VamoozE for the additional clarification. Since I am (just 2 months) out of warranty, I will accept doing without the Location Services for now. If I really want to re-use it, I will follow your advice and get the logic board (or perhaps even the complete iPhone by then) replaced...

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    My wife's iphone 4s has the same problem, If I repair the problem, she must be very happy

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    I Faced with problem 2 times. At first I reset my network setting and it worked for just 2 days. Next time I tried tempreture fluctuation. It does work for more than a week up to now. You can test it. Warm up your iphone with hair dryer upto you will see tempreture warning and after that keep it on freezer for around 15 min. It worths to try it.

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    I've tried everything suggested, and my WiFi is still greyed out.

    My phone is out of warranty (I'm assuming, as I never purchase 'extended warranties', on principle. I've saved thousands over the past 10 years by doing so!).

    Living in Norther Ontario, I've NEVER seen a Genius Bar in my life - I'm not traveling 10 hours to Toronto to find one!


    Of course the problem is Apple's fault.  This isn't a 'once off' issue.

    The issue existed at the time of manufacturing.

    BUT, it wasn't revealed until an iOS update, far after the warranty expired . . . so how was I suppose to know way back then.

    The iOS update should have reset the warranty period, at least for new issues revealed by the update.

    But of course, the fanboys say its our fault.  Hmm. They are quite funny to listen to, and to try and understand their misguided reasoning!


    Pay $200 for a refurb - or jump ship and put that $200 towards an Android.

    The wi-fi doldrums have forced me to feed my phone to the fishes, I hate being hornswaggled!

    Android . . . ahoy matey!

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    I have tried everything from repair to heating, the most it stays for 4-5 days. But at times, wifi goes off even after a few hours and does not come back after the heating/freezing, etc. Finally, I gave it up...I just bought an Asus android phone for $100. Takes care of all my requirements. Finally, abandoning the iphone 4s which was bought for $550...

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    I've had my iPhone 4S 64GB for over two years now and yesterday morning I got the dreaded iPhone 4S wifi greyed out screen. Never had this before and I updated to iOS 7.1.2 when it was released. So my phone has the latest software. Performed a network reset and even a complete restore (DFU mode) but it did not help. Next, I took it to an Apple store where the tech did the same resets with negative results and the only thing he could offer was to replace the phone ($199).  The phone was working fine, except for the wi-fi.


    There is a "solution" on the internet that worked for me. Apparently this has something to do with a thermal reset or unseating of the wi-fi chip. The posted solution was to heat up the phone with a hair dryer until a "thermal warning" comes on your screen - at which point you power the phone off, put it in a ziplock bag, and put it in the freezer for 10-15 mins.  Take it out and restart it after a little while! From what I've read, this might work since it softens the solder a bit and then resets it in the freezer, reestablishing contact.  Who knows.


    I did this, except that I did not heat it all the way to a thermal warning, but rather until the phone felt quite hot. I just blew hot air up the connection port, the top, and the back. When it felt quite hot, I powered it down and did the freezer thing.  And wow, my wi-fi came right back on!  it's been on for a couple of hours now.  No idea how long this will last.  From what I read, some have had permanent success and some just for a few days. So who knows but there it is. Obviously I imagine has the potential of damaging the phone if the heat is excessive so it might not be advisable…  but it worked for me!  There is a YouTube video you search for see that illustrates this technique.

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    Oh my goodness, Ralph Landry1, that totally worked. I kept seeing these posts online about the hairdryer and freezer thing so I thought what the heck. I read your post while my phone was in the freezer, which didn't work for me. I tried your solution and it totally worked! Thank you!!! 

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    This really works ive tried it myself

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    As crazy as the solution sounds, the heat your phone until the temp warning appears, power it off and put it in the freezer for 10 minutes worked for me.  Fingers crossed that the problem does not reappear.