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My client is a big hospital and are using iPads to make their rounds. The iPad keeps switching to a "test" network set up by the Hospital IT staff rather than the Clinical WiFi network it needs to be connected to. They are unable to select Forget Network in the settings. Any suggestions would be helpful.



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    Hi, if you can't forget a network, the wifi network is probably installed through a profile.  Profiles can be installed when the devices are rolled out or through a Mobile Device Management Server - if you remove these, the settings may just be reapplied.  You may want to ask your IT about this, but if you want to investigate yourself:


    Go to settings on the iPad, select general on the left hand column and select profiles on the right hand panel.  Are any profiles installed?


    However, profiles can contain settings you need in addition to just WiFi.  If you click on each profile, under at the "contains" area, it will tell you what's in the profile.  Is there one that's just WiFi?  Also, you can click the "More details" area on each profile to show exactly what settings are being applied, look for this "test" network in the profile(s) installed on your iPad.


    ~ Alex

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    Here is the latest. a little bit of Peter blaming Paul blaming Apple etc. :

    Well,  not sure, we did Maya’s and she said it was a little better but I am not sure if it was or it was a bit of a placebo effect J.  After talking to our IT a bit, Julia correct me if I am wrong, but perhaps the issues happen not when the switch happens but when the signal gets weaker.  I noticed that it doesn’t really switch much from UCSF Clinical to SG 3371, it switches the minute you get on the wifi and access any wifi dependent app and from then on it mostly just stays on SG3371.  


    I also talked to Apple and of course they think it’s our IT issue, perhaps a dual router set up or something like that but when we talk to our IT they think it’s Apple.  So, I will go ahead and try a few of these things on Twyila and Amy’s iPads and see if they notice any improvement, also will follow up with Maya to see if she has any more feedback.

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    I have to agree with Alex. If a wi-fi network can't be "forgotten" it is very possible it was setup via an IPCU or MDM profile.  Are there any profiles on the devices, under settings/general/profiles?

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    Or the network you can't forget has no password

    and the network your're trying to connect to has the wrong password