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I have two Smart Playlists that are behaving in strange ways.  I use iTunes Match, and the smart playlists show up on my iphone and my ipad.  They play fine on my ipad, but on my iphone, when I tap on a song in either of those playlists to play it, the Music app displays 2-4 album art covers in quick succession and nothing plays.  The playlists have around 28 songs in them.


All the other playlists, both Smart and others, play fine.


I have tried turning iTunes Match off on the iphone, syncing, then rebooting the iphone, and then turning iTunes Match back on.  That didn't work.


I also tried taking the Smart Playlists, and creating regular playlists with the same songs, but they also behave in this strange fashion.


As I said, the same playlists work normal on the ipad.


Any suggestions?