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I have recently had alot of trouble in replacing my ipad 3 screen after a pound coin fell on it I was extremely suprised when i looked at my device after the thud to discover a broken screen. Any other device that i have owned has never been so delicate (or expensive) and my ipad 3 is the 2nd Apple product iv had and i would like to think that my device is worth the money spent to obtain it. I feel that Apple have put the work into the performance of the ipad and not really what it is constructed of? :/ it seems that when my ipad takes a tiny bump against a door frame or the table, there is always going to be damage one way or the other. The damage usually occurs to the Aluminium casing which seems to put pressure around the edges of the screen therefore cracking it. This makes me wonder if Aluminium was the best possible material to use when attached to thin glass? Many other devices seem to be tougher, so why can't Apple (who I would say are the main ppl to go to for a device) achieve something so simple that many others already have?

Has anyone else experienced this problem as I wouldnt say I'm overly rough with my ipad or anything, maybe just unlucky?

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    All I can say is that I've had multiple iPads dating back to the original version, have bumped my iPads multiple times and even dropped one on concrete, and none have ever had a dent nor a crack in the glass. The anodized aluminum used in the iPad case is one of the most rugged materials available that would not be far too expensive to be practical. So I would not say that the iPad is particularly delicate. And I would challenge your statement that other manufacturers are providing devices in the same basic class of the iPad that are significantly more rugged. You'll see an equal number of complaints, if not more, if you look in the forums for any other tablet.


    I'm sure you'll get multiple opinions on this, both that agree with me and that do not. So this thread is unlikely to yield you any really useful information. If you don't feel that the iPad is sufficiently rugged for your needs and a case and/or screen protector isn't desirable or practical, sell the iPad and buy some other product that you think better suits.



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    I respect your views, but from the experience that I have had with my ipad, I find it hard to accept that the, "...anodized Aluminium used in the Ipad case is one of the most rugged materials available..." when it seems to dent/scratch as a result of the slightest bump and what i believe that also helps towards the damage of the glass that it incases. I agree that other manufactures will receive around the same amount of complaints, but I have been unaware of those complaints and in my question I hav only gone by my own experience and experience of others and I am now aware of the fact that maybe this isn't mainly an Apple problem, other manufactures have this problem also but others don't as well.

    My ipad has also become dented whilst in a case, so it seems that the case was either badly made as the material was not tough enough to protect the ipad, it could hav been the unfortunate landing place of my ipad itself and partly the materials that the ipad is mainly constructed of. It was probably a combination of each of these factors.

    I have had it repaired before at a place that I wouldn't recommend as I had to bring my ipad back to the business many times as the screen was not correctly bonded each time, therefore, nothing was working.

    Things are working better now and I could never sell my Ipad as I love everything it does and can provide me with, I just dislike how fragile it is and I find it difficult to accept the dents ( as im sure many people do) and how easily the dents come about which makes me question the quality of the materials used.

    Thank you for your help and for taking the time to reply to my question!

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    I'm a bit confused as to what you expect from us here, then. You asked for opinions, I gave you mine, and then you reject it. If you just want opinions that concur with yours, then posting in any public forum is going to be a waste of your time, since not everyone is going to agree with you.

    So I have to ask: what is it you would like us, your fellow users, to help you with?



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    I Think that you have misunderstood the purpose of my question. I asked if anyone else had experienced this with their ipad as I wanted to know if it was something I was doing and you gave me your opinions and i agreed with some and disagreed with others, I have no problems with your opinions, and I feel that I have respected them. I asked a simple question and you gave your opinions and I casually responded to them. Isn't that what these community forums are for? To casually discuss queries that we may have with each other? I am sorry if I have offended you in any way as i had not intended to do so, maybe I have misunderstood the purpose of these community forums.

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    You stated a rhetorical position - that the iPad is too delicate - and that's not an effective use of the forums, since as I said you'll get a lot of replies of various opinions, all of which worth basically what you pay for them. It's usually most effective use of your time if you ask a specific question which someone can provide a concrete answer to.


    If you are asking if it's something you're doing, then simply put and strictly speaking, yes. You're allowing heavy items to drop on your screen, and striking the iPad against a hard object.


    If it's being damaged while in a case, clearly the case is not doing the job, though of course luck is involved as whether or not an iPad (or anything else) will be damaged due to an impact is dependent on the exact angles and forces involved. What seems a mild impact may cause damage if the situation is just right. In the case of your pound coin, if it struck with the edge, then that could actually be a significant impact when calculated on a force-per-area basis though the coin itself seems fairly light. The same applies to dents; if the impact is on a small area, damage is more likely than a greater overall force applied over a large area. For example, an iPad may suffer no damage even when dropped from a significant height if it lands squarely on its back, but be dented or break the screen from a much lower height it if happens to land on a corner.  If you want greater damage protection, you'll need a more rugged case, such as an Otterbox.


    I don't know if this helps, but it's really about all anyone can offer other then subjective opinions and again you'll get opinions that support both our positions.




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    Thank you very much for your help