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Since installing the latest upgrade, I cannot find my indiviuual playlists. All of my apps are missing with the exception of the latest one I downloaded. All of my music has to be downloaded from the cloud. The tutorials don't answer these questions for me. Please help! thanks

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    Hello Aliyahloveda,



    Fortunately enough, we have steps that should help return your media to iTunes.



    After upgrading iTunes, if your music, videos and other content do not show up in iTunes, follow these steps to bring back your missing content:


    1. Quit iTunes.
    2. Download and install the latest version of iTunes.
    3. Use the Finder (Mac) or Windows Explorer (Windows) to go to the iTunes folder that contains the iTunes library files:

      Mac OS X

      Microsoft Windows Windows XP and Windows 2000
      \Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\

      Microsoft Windows Windows Vista and Windows 7
    4. Drag the iTunes Library file from the above location to the Desktop.
    5. Open the Previous iTunes Libraries folder in the iTunes folder.
    6. Locate the file named iTunes Library YYYY-MM-DD where YYYY-MM-DD is the date you upgraded iTunes (Year-Month-Day).
    7. Drag this file to the iTunes folder (the enclosing folder).
    8. Rename this file to iTunes Library.
    9. Open iTunes.

    You should now see your missing content in iTunes.


    No content shows up in iTunes after updating







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    There is no Previous itunes Libraries folder in the itunes folder.  Now what?