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I've a project that I would like to add letterboxes when exporting with of course keeping the 16:9 aspect ratio  Should i send it to compressor?

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    Do you want to Letterbox, which means to keep the original aspect and have the video run at reduced size within that frame - usually with black bars at the top and bottom of the frame - or do you want to actually crop the video so that it has a widescreen aspect ratio, with the video filling that widescreen aspect ratio with no black bars?


    Click anywhere on the timeline, and type Command = 0 {zero} to see you sequence properties. Either report those properties here or take a screen shot and post that screen shot here.






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    I want to keep the whole frame of the images within the horizontal black bars  usually  from older films with the bars on the top and bottom

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    I am not sure I understand your response.

    You have a sequence that looks like this:


    Final Cut ProScreenSnapz001.png

    and you want it to look like this:


    Final Cut ProScreenSnapz002.png



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    IF your project is 16:9 and you wish to include 4:3 material, do nothing and the 4:3 footage will be "pillarboxed" as long as the aspect ratio has not been altered.


    IF your project is 4:3 and you wish to include 16:9 material, you will need to scale down the 16:9 footage to make it fit horizontally. Doing this will create a letterbox as long as the aspect ratio has not been altered.


    You can also crop your footage or add top and bottom mattes to create a letterbox, and there is a Letterbox filter included in FCP.


    I can't figure out what you want from your explanation, but you may be able to achieve it with mine, Good luck!

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    Was there an solution to this post?  I can not see it.


    I have a the same problem.  I have a number of iPhone 4 videos that I want to letter/pillarbox when convirted to SD 4x3, but would prefer not to have to reframe them in FCP, but just use compressor 2.  I want to batch convert several hundred clips.


    If I drop the clips into iDVD, the videos are automatically letter/pillarboxed, so I know QT has the ability.


    What settings in Compressor 2 do I use to get the results in the sequence 2 example?


    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated?