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I am using an iphone 4 with iOS 6.1.3 and have installed passcode lock.

Whenever the phone goes into passcode mode, the phone seems to forget

the wifi router and I have to re-enter the router password.

Do I just have to live with this ?

Not that convenient I must say.

Beats a stolen phone unathorized use though.


Thanks for any replies.

iPhone 4, iOS 6.1.3
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    Hello there gglaze,


    I would recommend checking out this article about troubleshooting wifi issues with the iPhone. Named iOS: Troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks and connections it can be found here http://support.apple.com/kb/ts1398

    1. Be sure that you are in range of your Wi-Fi router (access point).
    2. Tap Settings > Wi-Fi and turn Wi-Fi off and then on again.
    3. Confirm that your Wi-Fi router and Cable or DSL modem are connected to power, turned on, and indicate that they are connected to the Internet.
      • If not, refer to your network administrator or ISP for assistance.
    4. Restart your iOS device.
    5. Tap Settings > Wi-Fi and locate the Wi-Fi network to which you are connected. Then tap The right arrow button and Forget this Network. Try to connect to your desired Wi-Fi network again.
      • Note: You will need to enter your Wi-Fi password again if your desired network requires one.
    6. Turn your Wi-Fi router off and then on again2. If your ISP also provides cable or phone service, check with them before attempting this step to avoid interruption of service.
    7. Update your device to the latest version of software.
    8. Update your Wi-Fi router to the latest firmware2.
      • For AirPort Base Stations, see this article for information about firmware updates.

    And this section toward the bottom

    Unable to automatically connect to Wi-Fi

    • Avoid giving your Wi-Fi network a common name.
      • Some wireless routers are preconfigured with a common SSID (network name) such as "wireless" or "default."
      • If your desired Wi-Fi network has a common SSID, try changing the SSID to something unique2.
    • If your desired Wi-Fi network has a unique SSID, reset network settings by tapping Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.
      • Note: This will reset all network settings including: previously connected Wi-Fi networks and passwords, recently used Bluetooth accessories, VPN and APN settings.


    Perhaps even backing up and restoring your device.

    iTunes: Restoring iOS software



    All the very best,