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i try and open my email on my mac and nothing comes up. itll show mail in the bar above. it wont even let me shut my mac off because it says i need to quit mail and i got to quit and it won't do a single thing!

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    Hello sydny_lynn,


    It sounds like you do not see the Mail window, and you are not able to quit Mail to shut down your computer.  I found a couple of resources that might help with this. 


    It may be that the Mail window is hidden.  You can follow these steps to show all windows to make it visible:

    Show all open windows in an application

    1. Press and hold the application’s icon in the Dock. You may have to first open the application from Launchpad to see its icon in the Dock.
    2. From the shortcut menu that appears over the icon, choose Show All Windows or Show Recents.The smaller thumbnails are for closed documents you recently worked in.
    3. To make a window active, click it.

    You can find the full article here (the title of the article says Lion, but it applies to other versions of OS X as well) :

    OS X Lion: Hide and show windows




    If those steps do not help, you may need to force quit Mail:

    To force quit an application, choose Force Quit from the Apple menu (or press Command-Option-Esc), then choose the unresponsive application in the Force Quit window, and click Force Quit.

    You can find the full article here:

    Mac OS X: How to quit an unresponsive application using Force Quit



    Thank you for posting in the Apple Support Communities. 



    Sheila M.