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I recently wiped the hard drive in attempt to restore to factory setting. Well.... I wiped the system iOS that it needs to even boot up. I tried this before, but I had to go purchase mountain lion. I did this, and when I go to restore it today, and repeat the process to make it work, it says that I didn't purchase it.. In shorter words. I'm all out of options. And now it doesn't have anything to boot up on.. It comes up with a file folder with a question mark. Is there anyway that I can bring it somewhere to have apple reinstall iOS and how much it may cost? I'm scared that its not usable anymore :( is there a way to fix it? :'(


MacBook Pro
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    Which version of OSX was installed?

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    If you are using Mountain Lion, and you already had it installed, boot holding the Coomand and R keys, from the options window that opens select install Mac OS X.  If you have really erased the hard drive very thoroughly, restart holding the Command and Option and R keys and then choose install Mac OS X.

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    7 mountain lion

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    I have, it says that I didn't purchase it.

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    And it was 20 dollars on iTunes. It was the upgrade I believe, it didn't have anything else.

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    If it came with Lion, then the restart with Command+Option+R should reboot you on Apple's servers, which will check the serial number and then download the basic recovery stuff, restart and then download the Lion installer...that will take some time since it is 4.5 GB...after downloading will build and install and restart again.


    You should be operational then, and can then start figuring out why it is not seeing the ML purchase.

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    If you are not operational right now, get the Lion rebuilt first then attack the Mountain Lion problem

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    I got this from a friend. Even when I try to reinstall I can't, an I car get into it to find out why. That cmd r opt - brings me to the recovery thing. I can't get any further successfully with booting it up. It has no system to boot up on.

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    O2lauren wrote:


    I got this from a friend. Even when I try to reinstall I can't, an I car get into it to find out why. That cmd r opt - brings me to the recovery thing.

    That is what is supposed to happen, choose Install OSX

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    I cannot he the Lion rebuilt. I can only go as far as trying to reinstall it then I says I haven't purchased it.

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    It says reinstall OS X Lion. In which I can't.

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    OK, this is getting a little confusing now, let's drop back and start with some basic information.  Since you got this MBP from a friend:


    1. What exactly is the model, that is screen size, year, and any other information on it.

    2. What Mac OS X was on it when you got it from your friend?  Was it Mac OS X 10.7, Lion?

    3. Can you ask your friend if that was the operating system originally or did your friend put Lion on it?

    4. You purchased Mountain Lion from the Mac App Store to install, is that correct?

    5. Why did you erase the hard drive, was something wrong with the content or did you want to cleanup the drive to install Mountain Lion?


    This information will help Csound and I figure out what is hanging up the reinstall.

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    I believe it was 7. It was lion for sure.

    No I have no idea where they are now /:

    Yes that's correct, it said upgrade but that it is all the had.

    And I erased it to clear off all of his junk he had on the computer. I could reinstall lion as factory settings but the Book says that I haven't purchased it for some reason.

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    Screen size- 13 inch. I believe. Is this even fixable? Or do I have to send it to a technician to have then reinstall it?

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