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Hi All


I am trying to find an answer to this and I'm hoping you might be able to help.


I have an iPhone 5 on a contract with a UK carrier ( O2 ). I often travel to the Middle East so to avoid horrendous call and data charges, I turn off cellular services and just to make sure I turn off the 'Send as SMS' option too. I would assume that this restricts me to Wi-Fi use only, which is what I want.


However my latest bill shows over $50 work of SMS charges for 'non-EU roaming' and I'm stumped as to why that might be.


Can anyone shed any light, please ?

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.4
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    I would think O2 could help you.  You might be able to see your itemized bill online, or contact them and ask.


    Contact a mobile carrier

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    I have checked my bill online. There are 61 instances of SMS Message Centre and that's all it says.

    I have tried O2 and they weren't much help other than ( from my point of view at least ) implying that I might have only just changed the phone settings to block SMS over cellular.

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    Send as SMS only applies to iMessages (sent over wifi or cell data). You can see this option disppears if you trun off iMessage.

    Regular SMS (sent to non-iMessage users) can still be sent. If you send a message in the Messages app and it is green, it is SMS and you will be charge for SMS text message.

    I turn off cellular services

    Settings > General > Cellular  - Cellular data does not turn off all cell use. It turns off the cell data path.

    SMS does not use cell data. It uses SMS/text data.

    iMessages use cell data, as does web & email.

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    Thanks. At least that's cleared it up.


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