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Someone tried to access my online account the first day I got my phones. The carrier texted me. I rcvd snail mail that they tried to access it again and were given a temp password. I have blocked all access to my online account- I can't even access it.  My phone is now burning hot, and under Diagnostics and usage, the dates are out of order and they look suspicious- I see words like  apple user ID, daemon,etc.

Please help! My ex keeps getting in all my info, accounts, emails.. I'm tired of it.

Here is part of a report:



     Name                    <UUID>                       rpages       recent_max       [reason]          (state)


        installd <117f65beb8cb38da8e0844256c65e402>          310              310         [vm]         (daemon) (idle)

       accountsd <e6ceba0e6e053a3ea02d0a916903cff8>          382              382         [vm]         (daemon) (idle)

softwareupdatese <e691b2b13ba2312fa8aab199b7343846>          446              446         [vm]         (daemon) (idle)

             lsd <566268cf717b335e98ddba10ca9315ab>          310              310         [vm]         (daemon) (idle)

        BlueTool <c7e035cd853e3196b1d7643d97324e87>          195              195         [vm]         (daemon) (idle)

    itunesstored <44d1bc6b3088390bb5c58d052a71f8f2>          772             

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.4
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    I dont believe you could have your phone hacked unless you have it jailbroken. Also if these are coming from an email that is signed into on your phone best option is to change your email password.

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    No one should have my email address. The one I am using isn't my real name. Here is another sample:

    When I did a total reset, my voicemail password stayed the same.

    Why would it say ApplIDAuthAgent? And what did he delete?? What's " transported" mean?



    AppleIDAuthAgent <b37f7a6048a33556a8230d3a759fc4ae>          232              232         [vm]         (daemon) (idle)

               timed <129ae7acc9bc3209a60ac42d49b0d89f>          353              353         [vm]         (daemon) (idle)

             deleted <65a1b98862613ec9b704cb304cec308d>          302              302         [vm]         (daemon) (idle)

             assetsd <22bfe2389c9a3c3581185a82527b1f6a>          692              692         [vm]         (daemon) (idle)

          MobileMail <e07ca7a7280736c7bf301451f89d1c02>         6483             6483         [vm]         (continuous)

           MobileSMS <3d75b813ead134998225651ca662356a>         1066             1066         [vm]         (background)

         MobilePhone <51866c9bc9f93c9d8526e8acf9efc64c>         2393             2393         [vm]         (continuous)

                 kbd <f7341c9a161a39acb5bc18ea47d6ebb7>          540              540         [vm]         (daemon)

                tccd <2778744d99a530c9a7d5e57a19b60008>          219p              219         [vm]         (daemon)

        MobileSafari <f87cb67cb8ce3ab788a61110a5fe9092>        89799            89799         [vm]         (frontmost) (resume)

       iaptransportd <9b3cf56b4db13761bbd8ac2e0ff099be>          354              354                      (daemon)

           locationd <137100f254373daeb894f665c413f8b0>          816              816                      (daemon)

               wifid <72eda25ccdd737a79d6cd172e9bf99a5>          379              379                      (daemon)

        mediaserverd <af72564bf8713fb8b16ee64c5ee85568>          766              766                      (daemon)

             syslogd <da215e2d3de133bf8f52590727b9bdfe>          186              186                      (daemon)

         SpringBoard <bd1d77d154ef3dffbb53d89337c8a08f>         4027             4027                    

          backboardd <e1dc74434e0e3938b17ff0f7ad85d138>        56813            56813                      (daemon)

      UserEventAgent <7ee3410c25e4372d84e93318fe42696b>          622              622                      (daemon)

    filecoordination <28ca39773e933ed2aa92c117c661d056>          251              251                      (daemon)

           distnoted <699b8253736233b29180419f139e8c01>          231              231                      (daemon)


    The diagnostics reports are out of order too!

    One is for  June 15,16,17,18 then under that it goes backwards to 6/14. How is that possible?


    Here's a sample of another day:- I don't think someone should be in my Private Frameworks!


    0x362b2000 - 0x362cbfff  ChunkingLibrary armv7  <ec2f76b3ac723a39bbf3f122d7fe73cf> /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/ChunkingLibrary.framework/ChunkingLibrary

    0x362df000 - 0x362e4fff  CommonUtilities armv7  <f8fea9ee6ca236b0a7fa6c00eb8a0d24> /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/CommonUtilities.framework/CommonUtilities

    0x365aa000 - 0x365abfff  CoreSurface armv7  <6065f7e040e93d6ea2837e929592cc30> /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/CoreSurface.framework/CoreSurface

    0x36618000 - 0x3661dfff  CrashReporterSupport armv7  <03ee46e3ca3f3920a7174e62096723fb> /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/CrashReporterSupport.framework/CrashReporterS upport

    0x36840000 - 0x36841fff  DataMigration armv7  <5903e08348b83f119022cbbf83ad100a> /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/DataMigration.framework/DataMigration

    0x36865000 - 0x3687dfff  EAP8021X armv7  <6d5ab53850e23fe389e64e2705bd7810> /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/EAP8021X.framework/EAP8021X

    0x3687e000 - 0x3688cfff  FTAWD armv7  <a778382e1d5437cfa9eadd13eb1c0d71> /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/FTAWD.framework/FTAWD

    0x36892000 - 0x368cffff  FTServices armv7  <89c066d12a6031038a9b8c61221abc0a> /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/FTServices.framework/FTServices

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    Where is this showing?

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    Under my phone's Diagnostics and Usage reports with the option to send to Apple.


    You should have seen my last phone I thought the nightmares ended when I got a new one but woke up to a text he tried to access my account online because he saw my number on our sons phone. He knows people and pays whatever the cost to make my life ****. I need these games traced and slap him with a suit or fraud or jail time.. I can't live this way day after day! He knows my SS #, birthdate, SL #.. he can do a lot with that alone!


    I have NEVER used wifi yet my phone shows I have a wifi and a Bluetooth address right now!

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    Whether or not you use Wi-Fi has nothing to do with the device detecting hotspots. Is Wi-Fi turned on?


    Why are you so paranoid? What do you have to hide?


    If you are getting texts or believe you are being tracked/stalked contact law enforcement and your carrier. This is not an Apple or iOS issue.


    Your device has not been hacked, this is simply not possible unless your device has been jailbroken.


    Most likely your children or friends are simply playing a prank on you because they know how paranoid you are.

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    Who do you think you ARE?

    1. Who said I have kids?

    2. If I'm paranoid, why am I posting all the info and the Diagnostics and Usage report online for the world to see?

    3. How would my so called kids or friends be able to play a " trick" on me, and what " trick" are you suggesting is being played on me??

    4. No, I have NOT used wifi since I am moving and don't have internet connected in my home. I have it turned OFF. I have NEVER used wifi on this phone. I also have the hotspot setting turned off. I have NEVER searched for one either.

    5. At NO TIME did I say I am being "tracked or stalked".

    However, my carrier confirmed and verified that my ex tried to access my cell phone account online and now steps have been taken to block him from accessing my account.


    And FYI, iPhones CAN be hacked without being jail broken. I suggest you research a little more. 7587482?ds=1



    Do NOT reply to my posts. You are rude and unhelpful and breaking the rules of this forum.


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    Oh my bad, I said " our son" out of habit, technically it's not my kid.

  • diesel vdub Level 7 Level 7 (21,985 points)

    My mistake, I implied you were paranoid, after your response I see the more appropriate description is "mentally disturbed".

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    Wow, that was real mature. You don't listen AND you wrote a predictable come back.

    In reading through all of your other responses to people who come on here looking for help from kind people, you have an attitude with every single person you replied to, insulted others and treat everyone as if they are beneath you.

    In fact, you told someone else their phone was HACKED. Hmmmm.. thought you said that wasn't possible? Make up your mind!

    YOU'RE the mentally disturbed one!

    Your rude responses to people on here are proof for everyone to see for theirselves what kind of person you are.

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    There are loads of process going on in the background of the iPhone, with logging on your see them and they are perfectly normal. As to the Hotspot hack you need a awful lot of computing power, and four top of the range graphics cards which also utilise the CPU's on them to offload work from the main processor, so its not easy unless you have a very big computer on you. Your phone is not hacked, its reporting logs for the operating sytem thats all. All iPhones with logging on show similar things in Diagnostics. Dont worry its normal. Turn logging off you dont need it on and its upsetting you which is obviously not good. Your account and your phone are two very different things. Nothing is wrong nothing is hacked.

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    Thank you killhippie for replying in a kind, intelligent manner. That's how message boards are supposed to work! What caught my eye was the Diagnostics and Data page on my iphone that shows processes are out of order by date and then "AppleIDAuthAgent" when I opened the page. Just a little background, my ex has hacked all my email accounts and was able to access my laptop with a remote app and erased files and info from my entire computer when I had an active internet and wifi account. I had to pay to restore it. It's complicated.

    If I have shut down everything running in the background, why does my phone get so hot I can hardly hold it? Any ideas why that happens? Apple verified my other phone was indeed hacked. Somehow he (paid someone) to put a program on it with an icon that looked like the ITunes icon called "Ping" to keep track of where I was. I have pictures of it. It literally dissappeared before your eyes! Anyway, they wiped that phone clean and reset it to factory settings. I still didn't trust it so I traded it in for this new one. As I was leaving the store, the lady called me over to look at the screen. It said "Sim code required".

    I did a complete reset on this phone erasing everything and setting it to factory settings last week but my voicemail pass code didn't change. Is that normal? Shouldn't it have reset too and I should enter a code like the day I got this phone? And again, are the dates of the processes supposed to be out of order and do you know why my phone gets so hot? Thanks again for being civil. :)

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    The Ping program was on my Old iPhone just to clarify- not my laptop. He put all kinds of fun things on the laptop!

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    It is definitely possible for someone to hack your account but in terms of the iPhone itself the only way someone would have access to it is from an apple id or the account used for iCloud itself or if it is jailbroken. This would control some of the data stored on your iPhone and possible purchases made on the apple id account aswel.


    Best option would be to change passwords for any account as for the phone itself you say its the diagnostics, more than likely this is the diagnostics you agree to send apple either through settings or when going through set up assistant, as killhippie informed you turn logging off and the data should not show on the phone.


    And in terms of your voicemail password im not sure about the country you're in but here the voicemail pasword is set by your carrier not by the iPhone and if you would like it changed you need to contact your carrier. Here a restore to factory settings does not reset any password apart from a restrictions passcode or lockscreen passcode set on the phones settings.

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    Ping used to be part of iTunes on the iPhone,  so it was not hacked, you could turn Ping it off in the restriction settings it was a failed attempt really at a social network for itunes. Later versions of iOS do not have it. As to why your phone is getting hot it sounds like a process in the phone is running constantly. This can happen, also in use with certain apps the iphone becomes hot from usage. Try holding the power and home button till the Apple logo appears and wait for the phone to restart. I make sure I have no running apps before doing this. As mentioned above your voicemail default password is controlled by your cellular provider, its nothing to do with the iPhone so change that yourself. All voicemail comes with a default password from the networks that's why they suggest to change it asap.  If the phone continues to run hot with no apps on, its probably worth taking in and getting it looked at.


    As I mentioned before its very hard to hack a non jail broken iPhone, the hack you read about takes a lot of computing power and since you dont use the phone as a wifi hotspot (this is not the same as using wifi normally) you would have no issue, and the hack you read about is not likely to be one to worry about anyway. If you use the wifi hotspot feature ever then use your own pass code and all is well and you would be safe, the default one is the one that they cracked and other phones can suffer this issue too, but this does take a lot of effort to do. Whoever told you ping was a hack was mistaken. I hope that helps.

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