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Hi all,


I've just upgraded to an iPhone5, latest iOS (6.1.4) and restored my old iPhone 4 set-up via iCloud back-up. Everything's fine so far, except for my Twitter account. It works fine, until I try to share a page I've opened in Safari via Safari Twitter share button. I just get a message telling me 'Cannot send tweet [link details] because the connection to Twitter failed'.


I can RT and send Tweets, I'm signed in to Twitter via the iPhone app and via Safari. If I check my Safari settings, there doesn't appear to be anything I can set or change to sort things out. In my Twitter settings, I notice there are only two apps listed under 'Allow these apps to use your account' (and one of them, bizarrely, is Twitter!). There doesn't seem to be any way to add an app to the list that Twitter can use. What's annoying is that on my iPhone 4 there were a whole bunch of apps that I could use with Twitter.


Restoring from my old phone back-up should have simply transferred everything over as it was. That's what's happened with everything else I've checked. I'm guessing, only guessing, that my problem might have something to do with how Twitter is integrated into Safari in iOS 6 in a way it wasn't before.


The only other thing that could affect this is the fact that, because I was on an iPhone 4, I didn't upgrade to iOS 6, sticking with the final iOS 5 instead. Even so, I had no warnings or prompts telling me this might be a problem when I upgraded.


Sorry for involved explanation, but if anyone can help, I'd be grateful.