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So, I've created my lovely book, it ships and there are a few issues.  I go to the support page and it says "we're here to help" and then there is NO way to contact apple about returning your lovely photo book.


I've made these in the past and never seen the kind of quality (lack thereof) that I did in the book I received today.  Colors are flat, and I probably should have gotten a low res warning on a few photos (but didn't) but heck, that's my bad.


What I hate the worst is that there are default color choices for the fonts that are so close to black, you can't tell you've got charcoal until the book is printed -- and one breaks right in the title.  I know i retyped the entire line so there should have been no change within it -- it either should have all been black or charcoal, but it isn't.


So -- how to contact the elusive, helpful Apple about my book?  Or do I just suck it up, and not use my retina display next time to design photo books, and make sure that I toggle between 3 format buttons on all text as the program clearly has a mind of its own about font color?


Or -- has the quality of the product gone downhill in the past year?  Because worst of all -- the whole thing looks muddy -- and it did not look muddy on my computer.

MacBook Pro, iOS 5.1
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    There is an Apple support "contact us" link at the bottom right of every page of these forums


    The low Resolution warning has been reported as MIA - so you may be exactly correct there


    As to quality - very few omplaints here - in fact there probably are as many praises as complaints w=hich is very unusual for a problem solving forum - so I suspect that something went wrong with yours - how did the preview look before you submitted?



    Before ordering your book preview it using this method - http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1040 - and save the resulting PDF for reference - the delivered book will match it.




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    I've visited the contact us page -- so many options I'm not remotely clear on where to ask about returning a book and frankly, assume I'm going to hear that image quality and the font issue are on me.


    I've loved my books in the past -- calendars, cards, I've done it all. So this is truly an anomaly.  It's the dull color quality that is really sad.


    Any clues on which of the many support options to pick on that page?  Thanks for the preview link for next time.

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    Unless you have bad photos I doubt that ti will be on you - again there are many reports here of great sastification with book issues


    I'd probably start with the online support myself - or

    Apple Store (Consumer and Education Individuals)

    (800) MY-APPLE (800-692-7753)