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I am contemplating the purchase of an Airport Extreme Router to use with Verizon FIOS. I want to take advantage of the new Airport Extreme 802.11ac for use with planned future Apple Product purchases such as a MacBook Air along with the inevitable upgrades to other products such as Apple TV of which I already have the 3rd Generation and will definitely purchase the next if it is higher speed compatible.  I just upgraded my internet service to 50/25Mbps and the current router is a speed bottle neck. While my speeds are almost 60 Mbps download and over 30Mbps upload with a LAN connection to the router/modem, my download speed only increased to just over 21 Mbps from the former 15Mbps using WiFi. I have read articles on using the AirPort “bridge” setting etc but my question is will I be able to connect AirPort Exteme 802.11ac to my Verizon modem/router and take full advantage of the faster internet speeds when using 802.11ac compatible equipment. I do not wish to change from COAX to Ethernet at the Optical Network terminal and use AirPort's modem as it would be too much hassle dealing with Verizon.

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    The AirPort Extreme has a Gigabit Ethernet port....1,000 Mbps.....so any speed limitations that your network might have will be imposed by your FIOS modem/router....not the AirPort Extreme.


    As far as Internet connection speed is concerned, the AirPort Extreme will only be as fast as the signal from your FIOS modem/router provides.......60 Mbps download and 20 Mbps upload......according to the information that you have provided.


    We can't predict the actual wireless performance that you might achieve in your home with obstructions in the signal path like walls and ceilings, but Internet wise, your connection would be no faster than 60 Mpbs down and 20 Mbps up.


    Realistically, you might expect something like 50 Mbps down and 17 Mbps up if your computer is close to the AirPort Extreme. The speed will drop as you move further away from the AirPort Extrme or the wireless signal encounters any obstrucitons.

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    Thanks for your reply. Just how much trouble will it be to connect AirPort Extreme to use as a router with my Verizon modem/router. I know I can/should shut down the Verizon WiFi and configure all my equipment to use Airport Extreme. Is it a matter of selecting the "bridge setting" in AirPort and connecting an ethernet cable between my Verizon unit and AirPort and setting up the addresses and WEP etc? I would be extremely happy with 50/15Mbps. I know there is not a lot of equipment that uses "ac" at this time but things tend to happen fast and I want to be ready for future upgrades. Thanks again for your help.

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    You would connect an Ethernet cable from one of the LAN <-> ports on the FIOS modem to the WAN "O" port on the AirPort Extreme.


    AirPort Utility will pretty much walk you through the installation with guided steps.


    In general, you will configure the AirPort Extreme to "create a wireless network", name the network, assign a password, etc.  The wireless security will be set at WPA2 Personal, which is the most secure setting for home use.


    As a final step, the AirPort would be configured to operate in Bridge Mode, since you already have another router "upstream" on the network.


    You can connect wired devices to either the FIOS modem/router or the AirPort Extreme. If you turn off the wireless function on the FIOS modem/router, all of your wireless devices will connect to the network generated by the AirPort Exteme. The signal will be passed on to the FIOS modem/router through the wired Ethernet connection.

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    Thank You for "all" your help. While I am probably somewhat more knowledgeable than the average person, I am far from any sort of an expert. Apple TV is one area where the new 802.11ac would make a much needed difference and I'm sure the next generation will have it. You have helped me decide to make the new AirPort Extreme purchase in the near future. Eventually I am going to make a full switch to Apple/MAC as new products come online.

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    Bob, I am wondering if you might be able to offer some advice...we just had Verizon Fios installed yesterday and now we cannot get our WiFi network back up. We have an Airport Extreme and Airport Express. I've plugged the ethernet cord from the Verizon modem to the port on the Airport Extreme without success. Am I missing something here? Thanks for your help, Bernie in Texas