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At my school we use iPads for all our work etc. However, the idiots in my form grabbed my iPad and googled ****, which got me kicked off the school Wi-Fi of course. To stop this happening again, i put a passcode lock on, but now it amuses them to continually enter the wrong password which disables it, and then I cannot use it in lessons and I can't get access to my notes etc. This is really affecting my performance at school and the teachers are lazy idiots who wont do anything about it. Is there any way to stop this other than jailbreaking my iPad, or killing them?

iPad, iOS 6.1.4, (32GB iPad mini)
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    Maybe if you didn't let the "idiots in your form" get a hold of your iPad, showed more respect to your elders, stopped blaming your poor performance on others and didnt' threaten to kill people, things would work out better for you.

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    No, you cannot stop this if you let people mess with it.  The whole point of a passcode is to keep people out, and someone entering 10 failed password attempts is logically used as meaning someone is repeatedly trying to get past the security.  To maintain security, the lockout feature then enables so nobody can brute force crack the passcode lock.  It's pretty much passcode security 101 to not allow endless failed attempts to crack a passcode.


    Tell the others to keep their hands off your stuff.

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    So what exactly do you propose I do when i'm trying to work on it in a class, and then the iPad is wrenched out of my hands by my ‘pleasant group of peers’? (I’ll refrain from using the term ‘Idiots in my form’ seeing as you know them so well, and are therefore able to pass judgment on their general conduct.) With regards to your comment about showing respect to my elders, I usually do, however if a teacher chooses to allow the children in their conduct to do whatever they please, and cause as much trouble as possible, I will refer to them as lazy, because their behaviour as a teacher equates to the definition of lazy (1 unwilling to work or use energy: he was too lazy to cook. 2 characterized by lack of effort or activity: they were enjoying a really lazy holiday. 3 showing a lack of care). Also, i’d like to emphasize that my poor performance is a DIRECT result of my the iPad being disabled. That would be because ALL of my work is on there, along with all of my textbooks and most of the other educational tools that we use. It may be easy for you to slam me for sounding like a whiny little ****, however imagine if all of your learning material was routinely removed from your person in a lesson, and you had to work with others, and make notes, which you will later have to type up, during valuable revision or homework time. After all of that disagreement with you, I do accept that I shouldn’t threaten to kill people, however I would like to stress that you may need to reassess your sense of humor, as you have obviously failed to detect that I was making a light hearted joke. I am sure that I do not possess the physical and metal requirements in order to kill someone.

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    I think you need to reasses your sense of humor if you think threatening to kill people is a "lighthearted joke".

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    I honestly don't see why I need to. If you think my remark was hurtful then I truly am sorry, but the number of people that say that in England as a joke really does overwhelm your opinion. Maybe its because of the number of tradgedies that have happened recently in the US, or maybe it's because i'm a muslim and therefore, so obviously a terrorist (I would like to point out that the terrorist thing was a joke, before you decide to report me to some counter terrorist squad). The point i'm trying to make is that there are so many people who will agree that what I said was a joke, not a ******* decleration that i'm going on a mass slaughter. So once again, i'd like to apologise for the joke that I made, or the death threat that you think it is.

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    Wow! The condescension in this forum is staggering. No wonder people get the impression that the Apple community is comprised of pretentious snobs. Did you go to high school Meg? Give the kid a break and answer the question respectfully or be quiet. I'm embarrassed for you.

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    Michael, the rationaile you layout makes sense when it comes to overall security; however, it is very short sighted to assume that all attempts at breaching the device's passcode will come in the form of systematic attempts to brute force the code.


    It is painfully obvious that this "full proof" security measure that Apple has chosen DOES NOT effectively meet the security challenge our young friend faces. His security risk is ignorant, insensitive teenage peers who WANT to invoke a lockout to cause him trouble. This problem could be addressed easily by giving the OWNER of the device the option to disable the system lockout if he chooses.


    The refusal of "ranking" members of this user forum to face up to that short coming reveals a certain lack objectivity. I'm one of the biggest Apple fan-boys I know but you my friend need to step back from the Kool-Aid and give this poor kid a break. Refer back to your mother's advice. If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.

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    Meg St._Clair wrote:


    I think you need to reasses your sense of humor if you think threatening to kill people is a "lighthearted joke".

    Wow. Seriously? Perhaps you would benefit a little additional exposure to the world outside of your computer room. Notice how I refrained from saying, "the world outside your parent's basement." There's a little bit of research in recent years that has shown bullying to be a real phenomenon. I'm surprised that someone with your ranking in a user forum doesn't have significant firsthand experience of this fact.

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    Did you ever receive an answer to your question?

    I'm sorry if I repeat, what another member suggested to you:


    I don't think 10 Failed Passcode Attempts, will erase your iPad Data. (Unless it's been Set-Up to do that ):

    1. To begin. and on the iPad's Main Screen (unless it has been moved), Press the Settings icon -->
    2. Next, in left column, press General -->
    3. Next, in right column, press Passcode Lock -->
    4. Next, in the right column, make sure that the  'Erase Data'    setting is in the 'Off' position (The word 'OFF' should appear in a light gray colour). Also, the Left/Right Slider, will rest on the Left side.


    If the Left/Right Slider reads 'On', after 10 incorrect Login attempts, your Data WILL BE ERASED!


    Again, I have not read all the posts you received, so I hope this helps you.