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It used to be that while viewing an email you could right click the name and have access to "Find this user " search... then the system would initiate a search and show the list of applicable messages.


This is completely removed from the right-click menu.  I realize you can copy the name, paste it into the search bar and press return and then select the type of search you want to do.... But ... well, it sort of makes my point... Why 3-4 steps when one was perfectly good.


This is the sort of thing that often others say there is some command that can be run to restore the function.   I am not unix enough to know that solution, or even how to try and find it.


Is this possible to get back?   In Mountain Lion?   


Is it possible that Apple might restore this in the new version coming?    It does seem we are loosing underlying flexibility as we are being corraled into a more specific paradigm of the operating system.   Specifically, as I have read elsewhere, the merging of the mobile paradigm to the desktop...

I'd cast my vote with those who would like more option control of some of these decision points....