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Mac OS X

I now regret having done so, but I partitioned my HD into a Snow Leopard section and a Mountain Lion section in October. The main reason for doing so has now been overcome, so I now only use the Mountain Lion section. Anyway, today I have to go into the Snow Leopard section, but I have forgotten how to do that. The trick is to hold down some key, or keys, while restarting the computer, but I've forgotten which one(s).

iDVD 7.1.1 (1150)
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    Hold the Option (Alt) key while your computer is starting, so you will see all bootable volumes on the display. Just select your Snow Leopard partition

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    That didn't work. It didn't work when I tried it before, but I tried it again, and it still didn't work; however, I did manage to switch partitons. I did it by going to the Apple icon in the menu bar, then System Preferences, then

    Startup Disc, then Snow Leopard. It was all worthwhile. I had stupidly erased part of a precious 20-year old cassette of mine while preparing to transfer it to my iTunes library. I had done it before but in the Snow Leopard environment and with an older version of iTunes, and It wouldn't play with Mountain Lion and the latest iTunes version. Anyway, it was fine where I recorded it, so when I have time I'll figure out to get it to play in Mountain Lion/current iTunes. Maybe burning a CD, then transferring it back to Mountain lion.... I'm sure that something can be done. Thanks for your input.