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Lets say im starting with 1080p footage and I know my final product will need to be in 720p. What is the best of stage of editing to make this conversion?

I have always converted my raw footage off my camera directly from 1080p -> 720p (prores LT) and worked with that because I just figured that way it would render faster and take up less hard drive space. But, is there any advantage to editing the footage in 1080p and then waiting till you are going to export your final project to convert the video to 720p? Speaking in terms of quality?



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    You convert to your final deliverable AFTER you edit.  Unless you want to do push ins on the 1080 material...in which case you edit at 720p. But typically, you edit full resolution, then convert to your deliverable.

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    Thanks Shane. So editing at full res and converting at the final step will make a noticeable difference if final destination is for the web (vimeo, etc). What's the reasoning behind that? Why does the stage at which you convert down to 720p matter if that's your final resolution going to be 720 regardless (just from my own curiosity).



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    ***... "If that's what your final resolution is going to be regardless"

    (Sorry for the typo, doing this from my phone on the road)

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    Work in the highest resolution possible.  This allows you to convert to anything you want. If you convert to the format you want to deliver, you are limiting yourself to that delivery size.  If you are certain you want to do that, go ahead. 


    I work in high end workflows, broadcast television and some features.  We always complete the work at the highest resolution possible, and convert the final.  Although often we throw in another variable and do what is called offline/online editing. Converting the footage to a low quality format to edit, so we save space, and then "online," or recapture the footage used in the cut at high resolution for mastering.  But if you're just starting out, I recommend not doing that...it can get tricky and involved.


    If you are sure you are going to deliver 720p...then work at 720p.