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I currently have one Apple ID and run iTunes on a Windows 7 PC. This is synced to 2 iPhones, 2 iPads and 2 iPods as well as 2 Apple TV's. All the Apps purchased, updated and shared between all the devices are controlled using iTunes depending on whose iphone etc is connected.


This has worked quite successfully till now but if we use imessage on the phones it gets very confusing and for that reason I would like to set up a new Apple ID for my wifes iPhone and iPad. What I don't understand is the implications of this with regard to all the previously purchased Apps. Will she loose access to these when I sign in on iTunes to her new Apple ID. Are there any other issues I should be aware off before going down this route. Will all my music and films still be available for her to load on her iPhone and iPad ? Any advice and help much appreciated.

iPhone 4, Windows Vista