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Installed snow leopard (10.6.8?) and a new crucial m500 480gb in my MBP today.  I chose a new install as opposed to carrying my old stuff from my old hdd and previous PowerBook.

I haven't installed mountain lion yet (reluctant to from the reviews and a few bugs they have to work out) and have a few questions on migrating some of my info from my hdd (now in an external case) to my new ssd......

-I would assume I will be using migration assistant?

-What trim program would be best to use with snow leopard? (I was checking out trim enabler 2.2 download)

-How do I move all of my photos from the hdd to the new ssd?

-How do I move the videos from my Flip camera to the new ssd? (I want to move the whole program along with the MANY videos I had along with it)

-my iTunes videos/music would need to move over too-how?

-Microsoft word/excel?

And, I think lastly, what about organization? Would creating 2 logins (one for me and one for my wife) help us to organize our contacts, calendars, etc? Would we be able to share the same music, photos, and contacts between us? Maybe a link to organizing within snow leopard and multiple users would be another big help for a noob like me!

Sorry for such basic questions!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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