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I am a newbie to paid apps, and have previously used freebies. I have never quite understood the mechanics of how the iPad and iPhone are meant to keep the apps in sync. I've paid $150 for a Hema mapping app which I downloaded to my ipad ok. The license covers up to 5 idevices. I'm stuck on how the app is meant to "appear" in my iPhone.


I've googled, searched apple forums, and the best I get is the brochure ware on the apple page which says that things are meant to appear in one device if they are downloaded to another (or something similar to that). Can someone take the time to explain what I need to enable to have this happen, and/or what I need to do to get the mapping app onto my phone if enabling a feature doesn't retrospectively "sync" my devices.


I have a iPhone 4, iPad (

Thanks so much.

iPhone 4
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    Contact the Developer.

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    Thanks AnaMusic. I tried that, after I couldn't find anything on the internet. Their advice was your iphone must have insuffucient capacity. Told them nicely that it was more fundamental than that. Their response was effectively not our space.


    My take: sucky  support for $150..... but we want the app on our ipad for a remote area 5 week holiday that is coming up in a couple of weeks time.


    hence my question on here, so I can get down to the basic fundamentals of app store/itunes wherever it is that is managing the 'syncing'between devices. I've not managed to get a grasp on this functionality & don't know what I don't know if you get my drift.....

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    If it is an App you Purchased via the iTunes App Store... Sync your iPad to the computer you usually use for Syncing and Backup... then Sync your iPhone to that same computer and try adding the App to the iPhone.