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Del Burrough Level 1 Level 1

I have tried to add a Mackie controller and extender to the control  surface menu in preferences but whilst it will allow me to add the  Mackie controller ,when I try to add the extender it opens a menu saying  you have a Mackie controller do you want to add an extender.  When I  click OK it comes up with the warning menu saying "no more device ID's"   !


I have this problem on my Imac using 10.7.4 and on my Macbook Pro running 10.6.8


I  normally use Avid Artist series in Eucon but due to their problems I am  moving to an SSL Nucleus which requires the Mackie set up.


I have tried deleting preference files and removing Eucon but the problem still remains.


Also  the midi in and out ports at the top of the control surface page only  show "All and Any" and do not give a drop down menu of any other ports  available.


The only thing that has happened recently on both  computers is that an ILok I use appears to have one corrupted software  licence ( all the other licences on the ILok still work).  Do not know  if this has anything to do with the problem