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Michel Corbin Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

i am confused about the apparent duplication of pictures from my iPhone in my Aperture library. Up until recently i had all three boxes checked in the Photo Stream Preference panel (Enable, Auto import and auto upload).


  • in Aperture i have Photo Stream (album or project, i'm not really sure) in the Recent library section. It contains 1000 photos (presumably the most recent 1000)
  • I also have monthly projects automatically created eg. Jun 2013 Photo Stream going back to Dec 2011 when i got the iPhone. That's 19 months with over 5,000 pictures
  • i also seem to have duplicates of every single image from the iPhone from importing images via the Import dialog


so can i delete the images in the auto monthly folder if i have also done an import? Or since i have enabled Auto Import should I stop manually importing images?


Thank you