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Just wondering if I should update the latest Java software download and if so shoould I make any other changes on my old MBP?  I have downloaded all the Java updates.

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    You have to update Java to the most recent version. This update fixes a lot of security issues that won't be fixed if you don't install it, so your MacBook Pro would be hacked. Open  > Software Update, and install all updates

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    mendel-  I have downloaded all Java updates.  However several times I was told by an expert in this forum to check something and open Java pref and do something else.  I did download it but my question was do I need to check or uncheck or do anything with Java Pref. I think the table is called.  Just checking so that not only the downloaded was installed but anything else that nees to be done was done.  this is why I ended up at this Security article which was way ovr my head.