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  • niknik90 Level 1 Level 1

    Any luck with a reply from Apple? I've been receiving emails consistently maybe once or twice a month for the last little while. It's driving me nuts and I hate changing my passwords all the time as well as my security questions

  • emtee Level 1 Level 1

    not to hijack the thread, but I've had ongoing issues w being locked out of my account since early July, every few days or sometimes as long as a week between lock outs, supposedly because my password is incorrect.  After the usual failed log in attempts, I have to go and change my password. 


    So how does this happen?  If I change the password myself legitimately, I always get an auto email from Apple confirming that my password has changed.  But whenever I'm locked out by whatever mysterious force is changing my password, I never get an email informing me that "someone" has changed "my" password.  Apple just tells me the password is incorrect and eventually forces me to reset it.


    Plus if someone or some bot is somehow accessing my account to change my password, they are not using that access to purchase anything or download anything (so does it seem reasonable that this really IS a malicious hacker - why would a hacker hack an account just to change a password every couple days and leave without using the access to DO anything malicious?) ; and (b) when that person or bot changes my password, I SHOULD regardless be getting an auto email from Apple at my registered email address to inform me but I am not.  So how is my password being changed without any notification of the fact?  Even if I change it myself, I still get that email.


    The only weird download during these past 6 weeks from the App store that I did not recognize as my own was a download of a free massive multiplayer game (Rome 2) and even at that I can't be 100% sure that I didn't mistakenly hit the install button when i was checking out the game description - but even so, would a hacker breaks into my account so he can use my ID to download a free game?  Plus my account shows this game as installed, but I've never installed it on any devices.  Even checked the Game Center on my iPad in case it was some weird deal where a free game was installed as a demo without my knowledge, but it's not there.


    It has to be a glitch on the Apple side, something I suspect to do with multiple devices on an account judging by the way Support reacted when I told them I do have multiple devices - see below (i have a MacBook, iPod and iPad, and was thinking of buying an iPad mini until all this started happening). 


    I did take the time to contact Support about this, and after some dicking around they transferred me to a number that just rang and rang and no one ever picked up.  I was told I was being transfered to Account Security or something like that - pretty hilarious.  They asked me whether I had multiple Apple devices, and then transferred me to nowhere.


    I live on my own, and have never shared my challenge questions w anyone, and have changed my questions a few times since this started happening anyway.  So the only way (at least from my non-techie POV) for an infiltrator to be able to change my password would be to use my email and original password, but as mentioned that SHOULD in theory mean that I would at least get a confirmation email that it's been changed, even if not actually changed by me.  But I only discover the issue when App Store or the Apple server prompts me to re-log in and then refuses my password.


    As mentioned, it's not like anyone is changing my password and then attempting to buy a ton of stuff from the App store or iTunes on my credit card - the password just gets changed randomly.


    I find it very hard to believe that this is a hacker, unless it's a bot just testing the Apple security in preparation for a more lucrative hack attack - if it's just someone trying to hijack my account, he or she has had plenty of chances in the last 6 weeks to take advantage of locking me out of my account (if there is any advantage).  I didn;t even keep ALL the Apple emails I received, but I just counted the ones I did save and since July 3 I've had to change my password over 12 times!


    The prompt from Apple when I try to log in with my supposedly "wrong" password and they force me to reset is just that it's the wrong password - it doesn't say that the account has been locked due to suspected malicious behaviour or locked because of consecutive prior unsuccessful log-ins with an incorrect password.  Basically just tells me that I'm so stupid I can't remember my password longer than a week, lol.


    I have to suspect Apple has a problem that they are not telling us about. 



  • Marianne Bosch Level 1 Level 1

    i have changed my password 8x in the past 2 months. I keep resetting my password and then a few days later, apple tells me that my password is incorrect. This is getting extremely irritating.

  • coliedusty Level 1 Level 1

    Emtee I have exactly the same problem it seems to happen every time I update or download an app

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    Same problem. I am running out of passwords! Talking to a friend and my problem seems to be that I get that message whenever I try and log-in through an un-recognised device. In this case last night it was my girlfriend's ipad which is not a usual device I use. We have 2 ipads, an iPad mini, 3 i-phones and AppleTV, so not all can be registered against the same account, hence why it thinks someone is hacking it. I think 5 devices is the max you can register. I will have to get the O.H. to get her own account set up!

    The only odd thing is similar to emtee where around 3 weeks ago I had an email saying I had purchased a game on my iphone. I don't generally game and i definitely didn't download this game (Bloody Harry). I thought my daughter may have, but she's 5 and has no idea what my password is, nor does my O.H.


  • emtee Level 1 Level 1

    FWIW, I believe the issue must be related to the use of unfamiliar devices to access your Apple account.  When I called Support, they specifically asked me that question, and when I answered that I had recently used a new device (iPad issued by employer for work, though of course I would never use a work device to do personal shopping at Apple, lol) that's when they said they were transferring me to their security department - at which point the transfer went to a line that was never answered after waiting for about 4 minutes for someone to p.up.


    Also FWIW I created a new email account with my ISP and changed my Apple profile to start using this email for my Apple ID, and since then I've had none of those password emails from Apple.  I've also been generally avoiding accessing my account from unfamiliar devices, though i have done so on a few occasions and so far no evil repercussions.


    Hope that helps - you might have better luck w Support than I did, cuz they SEEMED to have a clue what the problem might be, but then they transferred me to nowhere and I never bothered to try again



  • lizday Level 1 Level 1

    Same here, I am getting 2at a time, getting to block up my Apple care? Do they have any advice on how to stop it. I am NOT going to,change my password. I have not changed anything on my apple iPad, no new device etc. Can apple advise what to do?

  • jerifromab Level 1 Level 1

    I too have an ipad, an ipad mini, mac book pro and and iphone registered against my apple ID and am now getting prompted to change my password every day.  If I don't, I can't access my itunes account or my icloud!!


    I want this to stop!

  • jessnjones Level 1 Level 1

    I am having this problem as well. I keep getting legitimate emails from apple telling me how to reset my password. The same email you get when you click iForgot my password. Apple needs to get control of this issue. I am gettin these emails on a daily basis and changing my password daily. I am tired of dealing with this security issue. It makes me nervous and angry. I'm not sure what someone could get by gaining access to my apple id but I don't like it. Apple claims to be secure.... No way! Someone help with how to stop this issue!!!!!

  • seventy one Level 6 Level 6

    Have you read through the variety of similar questions in 'More like this' (to your right)?   Not all situations are the same, which is why the column is useful.  If you then find your particular problem is not covered, write your own question setting out what you have done so far.    Often such a question comes from a potential hacker in an Apple guise.  

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    I am also getting emails everyday saying that I have successfully reset my password, which I clearly didnt therefore having to go in and reset again.  Everyday for two weeks now and the last two days every 6 hours.  I am so sick of this happening.  I have just changed my Id in a hope this may have been the problem.  Fast run out of passwords as I have to change them too often.  Is someone trying to hack into my account or is this some sort of virus or computer glinch..  Keep this up and I am getting rid of this iphone and changing to galaxy

    I am not on any other networks which could be causing this. Only my own at home.

  • thomas_r. Level 7 Level 7
    Mac OS X

    As has already been pointed out earlier in this topic, the issue is either a repeated phishing attempt (in which someone sends you a faked e-mail, directing you to a faked site, which tries to get you to "log in" so that the hackers can get your ID and password) or someone is repeatedly trying to get access to your account. I'm guessing the latter is more likely... someone's repeatedly trying to reset your password, for who knows what reason, and they're trying repeatedly because they're never getting the password reset e-mail. (Why they would expect to receive that e-mail I don't know... people are stupid.)


    Make sure your Apple ID has a good, secure password. (There is no need to reset your own password to do this, just go to and change it.) I'd also advise turning on two-factor authentication to further protect your Apple ID:


    Apple introduces two-factor authentication


    This will prevent password reset attempts, as it will not be possible to even start the password reset process without having access to the device used to receive the code used as the second identification factor.


    Note that getting rid of your iPhone and switching to Android over this would be quite silly. Most likely, the person doing this knows you, and might try the same thing on some other account. Besides which, you'd be switching a very secure phone for one running the least secure system on the planet. At this point, Android has surpassed Windows in terms of malware "market share."

  • Newdogg06 Level 1 Level 1

    Me again.

    The other night I de-registered my partner's iPad from my iTunes account and set her up her own account. I now only have my own devices registered. Since doing this it has not asked me to reset my password at all. I can only assume her ipad was trying to update apps etc. through my iTunes account and it was doing it's job to protect it.

    It could change of course, but for now it seems to be all good!

  • extramedium Level 1 Level 1

    I'm pretty sure if somone actually did successfully reset your password, you wouldn't be able to log in and change it again.  If it's just someone spamming the site with requests, you don't need to change it every time.  They can't do anything with the request unless they have access to your email account - that's what I'd be trying to protect.


    I got two of these emails of attempts to change my password last night.

  • lydcap Level 1 Level 1

    You have just said everything that I am experiencing. OMG I have never been so frustrated about using my apple products. I have contacted apple via email and I feel that they don't even read my emails properly. I explain and explain and apple support just tells me to follow a link to reset my password. I know how to reset my password, I've had to do it 9 times in the last month because I'm forced to. I've now turned iCloud off because I'm sick of it and I expect that having multi devices is the cause??? Apple needs to sort this out ASAP cos I'm running out of password ideas and patience!