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    Hi! I am very disapponted that my macbook air 2013 13 inch says 5:40 at full charge!

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  • PlotinusVeritas Level 6 Level 6 (14,720 points)

    The time "remaining" estimate is (just that an estimate) is currently inaccurate in some instances in Mavericks, others report same and much testing on my own of several machines indicate the same.


    *This is being looked into...


    This however does not affect the ACTUAL battery life.



    recommend the free APP called coconut battery and checking via mAh of charge rather than a time "remaining" indicator until this is resolved



    Or can contact Apple for free service and/or in shop diagnostic as you are entitled to same.




  • mbb3977 Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)

    I just wen through this with a 15" rMBP loaded , called apple and did there reset's and everything,  unplugged the power cable and the battery went from 18 hours to 5 hours,  we chatted for another 5 minutes and the battery remaining was at 4:02,  at that point the Apple Care tech said to return it.   Took it back to the store and got my money back.    Coconutbattery reported higher percentage of battery life left but the tech did not care and said he has to go by the OS.    Picked up a loaded 13" MBA and I think I have pretty good battery life for this being on wifi and not turned off or charged in 2 days,  just basic home usage ,  3 hours of VMware,  watched 2 , 1 hour movies and I'm at 7:55 minutes remaining .   On another web site not sure if it's ok to mention it,   but a guy "Supposedly" loaded 10.9.2 beta and the power / battery problem is fixed,  but the camera does not work.  

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    As far as the battery being hurt by discharging fully, while this is true, the machines power themselves off but it's not because the battery is completely depleted (like 0%, nothing, no power in the battery) -- the battery has a safeguard against that (that would just be silly). So, I'd worry more about software issues and having to reinstall than actual hardware damage. But it is correct that you do not need to 'calibrate' these new machines. Just use them. Like a muscle; you don't need to run until you're throwing up to get a workout -- just work out!


    Battery life is the most common problem among all products that use batteries and it's because there are infinite variables that add up to it. If the battery doesn't show that it needs to be replaced, the battery is in good condition and you shouldn't worry about hardware. It's all usage. Check activity monitor, see what's on in the background etc. Turn off some login items, so on and so forth. Good luck!

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    kinda yes kinda no.


    You dont have to "worry about it" true,     but that doesnt implicate, regarding the lithium battery, that anyone should "smack around it" like a punching bag.




    As per any notebook Lithium or lithium batteries in general,...  if one were to take a mountain of technical data on them and boiled it down to a few things anyone could remember, it would be:




    1. While a bit impractical realistically,... a lithium is most happy swinging back and forth roughly between 20% and 85% which keeps the battery chemistry healthy which prevents premature death.


    Lithium's dont like:

    1. quick drains (typical to gaming)   [moderately bad]

    2. deep drains  (draining it low)    [very worst]

    3. constant inflation (always on charge) [bad]


    any combination of 1 thru 3 = utterly worst

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    For the last few months my Macbook Air 2013 13' 256Gb 8Go i5 has been draining pretty fast. before i always got 10 to 13 hours of battery life now at 100% i get an estimate of 8 hours max that goes straight to 5 hours. I've had it since july 2013. i have a battery software that is called battery health which is pretty good and it tells me how to re calibrate the battery which consists in charging your Mac to full leave it plugged for 2 hours at least, unplug and use until 5% is left then charge to full and the battery health will go back up to 98 or 99%. This used to work, but now it doesn't. I read a few comments that say that Mavericks has something to do with it but my problem came before i upgraded to mavericks ( i upgraded to mavericks thinking it could solve the battery issue). Now i know a clean install could put i back to normal but i don't feel like reinstalling all my software. The issue of the battery drain isn't that important cus the computer runs fine but it would be nice to see 12hours again. if anyone has a solution that would be great

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    i had kept  my MBA in sleep mode for 3 days and it lost 14% battery(readings were taken from coconut battery), i hadnt even used it once. So at this rate i will be getting a standby of only 21 days approx compared to the 40days stated by Apple. So Is there a problem with the battery?

  • LowLuster Level 6 Level 6 (12,050 points)

    If you don't plan on using your computer for 21 days Shut It Down. That goes for not using it for 1 full day or even less.

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