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    Personaly I think this is not a hardware problem, because we still see the curson and volume icons ect. Im experienceing the same black screnn issue, but it dont happen to me when the MBA is awake. Sometimes I do get random reboots, most of the time it happend when the MBA was at sleep. Once it even boots Windows 8.1 by itself oO


    I figured something out: try to close youre MBA but dont fully close it, leave some space. When the Apple turns off quickly open your MBA again and TADA youll get the blackscreen with a whisible cursor. Not give your MBA a few sec dont do anything, wait til the screen fall asleep, then press something and youll be back on your desktop as nothing happend at all. Personally I think this could be some glichy driver or some bugs of os x that do not fully support the new haswell hardware. We'll see how it turns out. Glad I have a year guarantee and two years warrenty here in Germany. So if it turns out to be a hardware isee I'll get this baby replaced.

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    You appear to be on the right path. I was able to reproduce the blackout you mentioned by closing the lid as you instructed. I have been quiet on this thread because I have no explanation on why I'm not having blackouts all of a sudden.  It has been 5 maybe 6 days since I've had a blackout. I was starting to think maybe I just had to break my new MBA in a bit or perhaps the latest Apple OS update helped. Sure all the blackouts I had were while I was sitting and working on my MBA but without being an expert at this certainly seems like what you discovered is related.

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    I get it know. The problem is google Chrome, it only happens (to me) while Im using google Chrome. Tested it on OS X and got blackscreen with a visible cursor. And I also tried it on Windows 8.1 (Bootcamp), and what did I get from it? My MBA didnt get the same type of issue it just turned comletely off. ... I also experienced some other issues related to chrome, like sound cracking while watching videos on youtube. Ppl said its because of the build in flash that is not perfectly compatible with my machine. I installed normal adobe flash player on my MBA and get rid of that sound cracking. ... Im glad that I dont have to bring back my machine, cuz I installed a lot of stuff on it.


    Cheers My machine seems to be perfectly fine


    PS: dont blame me for my English, its more then less self taught.

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    ofcourse a problem like that is not google chrome related. But the problem alot of other are talking about, me included, will be solved after uninstalling chrome.



    your problem seems is to be a hardware problem

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    I tried what you did and did not have that problem.  My window opened up with no problem.  I have only had a black screen problem once and it has not returned. This was a while back while viewing a movie on Netflix. I still use Chrome.  I did an update today so it may be the reason I was not able to recreate your problem.

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    I've had only a few blackouts over the last weeks since I've got my MABA 2013 a month ago. I could never tell what exactly was causing it (I am using Chrome though), plus sometimes it was in battery mode, other times not. There wasn't really a pattern... I still don't know what is causing it, HOWEVER, I'm now able to reproduce the blackout:

    Like StreetRecordz I'm closing the lid (which btw I did never before when I've experienced the blackout? Weird) almost, then re-open it when the lights go out - BUT the screen and everything is working properly, I'm continuing working when suddenly after approx. 10-20sec the screen goes all black (no cursor visible, mind you). THEN when I'm clicking on the track pad, the screen goes right back on.


    Bonus: After doing this like 4times in a row I noticed a really quiet "rattling" sound, everytime the screen comes back on. The first times I wasn't sure if it was just some noise from outside or whatever, but after the 3rd time with my ear directly over the keyboard, I could tell it does come from inside the Macbook (the left side actually).


    So yeah, after I'm done writing my thesis I will call support, esp. now that I'm able to reproduce it. So annoying. And after reading the posts here the possibility to get a blackout-macbook again seems pretty high, ughh..

    Sorry for the novel.

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    Hi everyone, I've got a lovely macbook air, but the only thing wrong is the screen blanking issue. I've had it for about a week now and it's happened 3 or 4 times. The screen goes black and I'm just able to move the mouse around. The screen then goes back to the lock screen and asks for my password before taking me back to where I was. I called Apple about it and their response is to just replace it. My concern is that there is nothing wrong with the computer and it's more like a new update is required for some software or Apple needs to make one. (I've done all updates possible) I am using chrome I might add. I don't want to have to go through all of the migration process again, for it to potentially continue on a replacement model. Anyone got any more thoughts on this? Are you guys sending back your macbooks for replacements? Apple tell me they've never heard of this issue...! ( I did point them to this thread)

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    Read my post on this page ... I really think this is Chrome. I used it on my PC so I also using it now on my MBA 2013 11". All of these strange blackouts were caused by Googles Webbrowser. Im not judging Google for that but for me its obvious that this is a software bug. You even able to reproduce it with the way I described it. ... I think there is a conflict in some sort of process that Chrome cause when the MBA goes to sleep, maybe it tryies to save something, I relly dont know.


    Btw. Ill replace my MBA next week, but because of an other Issue. After looking closely at black background (when the display is still on, I found tons of dead diods of a lot of pixels. So Ill replace my machine soon. Its not cause by these blackouts. These are dead colors of some pixels and not the whole pixel, so its a bit hard to see them. But it is a reason to replace my device.


    Just for a test, try to use Safari and dont touch Chrome, just for one day. And youll see you wont have any blackouts anymore.

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    I am experiencing the same issues with my mid-2011 air.

    If it' opened within 60 seconds of closing the lid it will go to sleep again within 30 seconds.


    The problem in my case is google chrome.

    No chrome running = No problem.


    Furthermore, if I try to manually put the mac to sleep whilst chrome is running it does not happen.

    Then it randomly sleeps 30 seconds later.


    Love chrome but this bug is driving me crazy.

    I need to wait 60+ seconds after I close the mac to reopen

    it if I want to avoid another sleep.

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    I was wary about blaming Chrome because some people here didn't use it plus I DON'T see a cursor like you- it's just black.

    And truth be told, I loathe Safari. Will try with Firefox though. Ugh Google why?? But it'd be great to not go through the hassle of customer service / getting a new macbook. Will report back.

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    Got my 2013 MBA on Oct 1 and it did the black screen twice the first day.  I down loaded all OSX updates including the firmware update for the machine occasionally not recognizing the battery.  In the first 10 days my screen went blank/black randomly 5 times, each time touching any key immediately brought me back to where I was, I did notice the wifi had to reconnect.  Today I tried what streetrecordz said about closing lid until screen goes blank then re-open.  Well almost exactly 17 seconds later the screen went black, touching any key brought it back and wi-fi had to reconnect.  I did this about 7 times each time the same thing happened and touching any key brought me back. (4 of these were on battery, 3 of these on charger).


    I went to the genius bar since my 14 days is quickly ending.  I showed him the issue, close lid until screen out open 17 seconds screen goes black.  He then booted my machine off the stores server copy of OSX 10.5 we tried the same trick close lid screen out, open and waited this time no black screen.  Since I had just run a time machine backup he installed a clean copy of OSX 10.5 from the stores server on my machine.  We tested the close screen open wait, several times and never got the black screen.  He said it looked like there was some issue with the OSX copy on my machine (I also had 10.5 on my machine when I brought it in) and this new one may have solved.  So far at home screen has not gone black.  He said to restore my files and applications go into migration assistant select restore from time machine then make sure to check only restore users and applications.  Hoping this would not carryover the problem I had before with the random black screen. 


    We'll see I have until end of day Monday to return unit will use heavily until then.  I suspected it had to be operating software or some firmware issue.

  • flex Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    BTW I strickly use safari when browsing, no chrome.

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    Im running latest version of writing this. Recently just updates to a fix to booting in windows, irrelevant though. My guess is some software bug beween Chrome and OSX. Close lid and lift quickly = buggy screen. Close lid and leave it for say 30-40s and its good.

  • flex Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Well I used migratioon assistant to restore my applications and users after the genisis bar re-installed the clean copy of OSX 10.5 on my system.  During the migration I only checked users and applicatioons to transfer, I left unchecked settings and other files.  After transfer I closed the lid until screen went dark then opened and in 28 seconds the screen went dark, touch any key and back to normal.  So it did not exhibit this behavior with just the clean copy of OSX and started this behavior again with my restore.  So I have gone in and removed from my system Chrome, avast, libre office after each removal I restarted the computer closed the lid reopened and each time the screen goes black after 20 seconds or so.  Not sure what from my restore is not playing nice with OSX that causes this glitch.  Definately software related on my machine.

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    Street I think you may be right.  I have been able to recreate the black screen too.  When I open Chrome then close the lid as you have I get the black screen after a few seconds.  I just hit a key to get the screen to turn back on.  I tried closing Chrome and opened Safari.  So far I have had no problems with Safari.  So far I have only been able to recreate the problem with Chrome opened.  Will try firefox later.

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