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    Now I also have the sound issue. I would suggest to split things up here:


    As far as I understand there are people reporting a black screen but the system is still running.


    My mba is crashing completly and I have to reboot it the hard way.

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    Hi there,

    but I cannot see what *does* cause it....and in my case at least, I had daily occurances until I removed chrome (also mentioned early in this thread).....which cured it 100% for me for several weeks.....until about a week ago :-(


    Any ideas how I see what I installed in the past week or two ?


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    What qualifyies you to state its not Chrome. I had black outs and they stopped when i removed Chrome, then they returned when I installed Chrome and now becuase I have unistalled it again I have been blackout free for months and my MBA is running perfectly.


    I also agree that this thread needs abandoning and 3 seperate threads setting up covering, hard wear blackout caused by physically moving your machine, software issues that crash the machine and blackouts that cause recoverable sleep issues.. add a forth if your having sound issues now.


    Those people that states its not caused by something should shut up unless they are capable of demostrating what IS causing the issues as your just shouting off with no explaination or cause, and burying people's concearns in mountains of speculation, which doesn't help anyone.



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    I think I can consider myself qualified to tell you that the issue is not caused by Chrome, simply because I never installed Chrome in my MBA. I don't use that browser at all. My theory is that it has something to do with the USB controller as this issue appears to occur when more than one USB device is connected to the MBA and are being used simultaneously. The issue happened again today when I had my 3G dongle working and I was copying about 5GB of data from one external HDD to another, one of whom shared the same USB 3.0 port by means of my USB 2.0 4 port hub with the 3G dongle.. After reboot, I just had the external HDDs connected one at a time and was able to copy the files successfully thru the SSD as cache. The last time this occurred was when I was using skype with the apogee mic and the Avid C400 audio interface connected and also had a wireless keyboard and mouse connected via its dongle thru the HUB which also was shared by the mic. I had just finished some recording and the skype call happened immediately so that I didn't remove those devices. As I recall this has happened everytime I had been using the USB ports like this. Now, when I say more than one USB device, they don't have to be connected to the two USB 3.0 ports on the MBA. They can be connected to a multiple ports on a USB 2.0 hub which extends one of the USB 3.0 ports. So, my conclusion would be that since intel boards have this protection mechanism where it goes into a "HALT" mode when something overheats, I would expect that the much faster USB 3.0 controller in the new MBAs are not given adequate cooling so that it overheats on such heavy activity and causes the issue. I am going to try not using the USB ports much for sometime to see if this issue occurs again.


    Btw to B77: Please understand that people who post about this issue in this thread or any other is simply trying to figure out what this problem is and hopefully find a solution. We are all just users of the MBA and not people who has the indepth technical knowledge of the MBA to figure this out. I am a Computer Science student and I can tell you about computers in general but I can't tell you specifically about the MBA since I am not an employee of apple having access to that information. The whole purpose of this community is to share solutions. For example, if a technician from apple gives me a solution to the problem, I would share it so that other users of MBA having this problem can benefit from it. Until somebody gets a solution, this "speculation" will continue. I am sorry but if that offends you, please feel free to stop following this or any other thread. Please understand that nobody forced you to read any of the posts and/or follow this thread. You made that choice yourself.

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    Please refer to my previous post regarding my theory of overheating USB 3.0 controller. Any kind of overheating shuts off the system in the sense that everything except the coolling system will keep running. If memory serves me right about the info from my undergrad classes on computer hardware, I believe this is called a HALT state. So, since we don't have any indicator LEDs on the MBAs, people can make the wrong assumption that the system is still running and doing their tasks as they can hear the fans still running. Any overheating can cause this. Based on my experience, it looks like the USB controller is overheating in my MBA. If you are sure your system is running even after the blackout(like being able to still hear audio), then it could be that your GPU got overheated and just your GPU went into HALT(since GPU management is completely independant from processor and the chipset). Even though it says "onboard graphics", there is a GPU in every MBA. Its just that its a low performance GPU made by intel, designed for "normal" use of the computer screen.


    yeah... the sound issue is completely unrelated to the topic of this thread and hence it would be great to move it to a new thread.


    To all those who are with this thread and are experiencing the blackout issue, I would suggest that we all contact apple customer care / tech support and give them the link to this thread in order to let them know that this is not an isolated incident and is more than a mere coincidence.

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    If you maintain Timemachine, then you can see what you installed by going into Timemachine view. Otherwise, nope.

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    Well let me inform you that when I had blackouts I didn't have any usb devices attached never mind multiples so thats your speculative theory discredited already, and what I actually said was people shouldn't be offering definative answers such as "it is not caused by" becasue nobody actually knows including you.


    If people where to follow such definitive answers and not try uninstalling chrome as a test to see if it does help them then that in counter-productive. People should be encouraged to try diffrent things in order to experiment and find a possible trigger or multiple triggers. Thats my point.


    As regards to being offended... no one mentioned being offended.



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    Hi Daren,


    Would you mind sharing the link to the thread where you found the cause and solution?

  • AnoopKam Level 1 (0 points)

    yeah... but Chrome being a cause has been discredited too because of the fact that I have never installed Chrome in my MBA and still saw the issue happening.


    Right now, it looks more like there are multiple triggers to this blackout issue, which is too confusing. If you noticed, everybody who has come up with being able to reproduce the issue are giving different triggers here and apparantly nobody can reproduce the issue with any other trigger than the trigger that they have observed.


    I guess apple completely skipped quality control for this line of MBAs and there is something really wrong with their manufacturing process at Foxconn. Who knows? Maybe its a sabotage by the workers there(we did hear about a lot of protests before this line was lauched). {Just kidding though }

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    I am having the same problems with two new MacBook Airs and the support people at Apple Australia say they have not heard of this problem. My computer details are:


    Computer 1 – bought August 2013

    Processor 1.7 GHz Intel Core i7

    Memory  8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3


    Computer 2 – bought October 2013

    Processor 1.3 GHz Intel Core i5

    Memory  8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3


    Today I took computer one back to Apple support for the third time with the same complaint and they reformatted my computer and loaded it with the latest Apple OS  software, being 10.9 (today’s date is 7 November 2013).  We also again loaded Microsoft Office 365. The genius bar support man said for me not to load any previous MS Office files for a few days to see if the problem returned. Within one hour of turning the computer on this evening the black screen appeared again and I had to restart the computer.  In the past I could sometimes see the cursor and the keyboard would always be illuminated, but I always had to restart the computer each time.


    In short, reformatting the computer appears not to have resolved the problem. I video-taped the issue on my iPhone this evening as the support person asked me to do this.


    Computer two also has the same intermittent problem.


    Both computers only run Apple software - apart from Microsoft Office for the Mac 2011.


    Tomorrow I will again report the issue and inform the genius bar of this forum. 

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    Hi, All


    I purchased Mac Book Pro Retina Display Late 2013,


    Only 5 days passed after purchasing me this machine,

    I am facing Hang up problem, suddnely my machine keyboard and touch pad whould not work.


    And second some thime Screen Become Black, and nothing respond, only i have restrat my machine after pressing long press the power Button.


    First time i purchse this apple, But luckly its very BAD EXPERIENCE

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    Hi, at least apple is aware of your problem ( ) and try to solve it.

    For our macbook air problem no official statement from apple and nobody in apple support is aware of this issue...

  • philthepowa Level 1 (0 points)

    Here is the thread for your trackpad/keyboard freeze on the new macbook pro retina 13'' :

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    I have the same proble. I m an owner of a Macbook Air Mid 2013,i5,8 Gb Ram, and my computer's screen go to "Black" sometimes the keybord stay open and i have to restart my computer. After restarting my computer there is a msg in my screen that the computer closed due to a problem!!! In an authorized Apple in Greece they told me that its the first time the face something like this........


    Furthermore the cursor many time is like a ghost....ts somewhere in the screen..i can do everything but i can not see him


    In addition i m using a Synology Nas... and a netgear d6200 a c gateway..after installing 10.9 i lose the connection all the time with my nas..i m trying to connect to server by its impossible.. the only solution is to restart the Macbook Air

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    Have also the same problem with mid 2013 MBA, i5, 4GB, 13".


    It has happened many times when the machine has gone to sleep - lid open - and try to wake it up. No response, not even the mouse cursor. It has been on battery on all cases, and battery level always high. No Chrome installed so that cannot be the problem. Only way to continue was to restart the machine.


    It also happened when working once, but then the mouse cursor was still visible. After closing the lid and opening it again the machine woke up.


    Have just upgraded to maveric, and so far so good but it's to early to say. Seems like many people have a lot of problems with this, would be nice if apple took it seriously.

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