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    darmsoto, I feel your pain.... I'm on my THIRD MBA.  I went through a bit of time with no blackouts followed by a return to the problem. I've had it blackout during a PP presentation.  I teach college, and I cannot have this happen during class.


    As I mentioned earlier, I've talked with AS specialists.  They know nothing. I'm frustrated, and I'm on the verge of screaming at someone. . . not very adult, but given the problems, it may be the only way to get some results.

  • x.afi Level 1 (15 points)

    Good Morning, I have replied in the past but it seems users are scrolling all the way back so I will re-repeat.


    The Issue is not with Chrome , It is with FLASH Player .

    The Issue is related to the battery saving + Dim light feature in order to resolve this you will have to change the timers of your Screen that will get turned off to 15 minutes on battery and 25 minutes on Power


    - Furthermore, if the screen goes black ( after dimming ) please wait for 5 ~ 10 seconds while the computer is done saving the files into the cache as it is at that point caching . Then you can move the mouse and it will come back on.


    This is a Bug I agree, but it is actually a feature that is working as intended because the battery saving is very agressive for MAC OS X , Upgrading to Mavericks will not really fix this.


    Hope this answers your question.



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    Thanks! I've changed my settings. Hopefully this helps. Keeping my fingers crossed...

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    For those who have experienced the problems in these videos I posted earlier.


    Calls to applecare seem to reveal that Apple computers can't have a problem. I took it to the store for a repair, they called me up saying they've fixed it, I test it out and it is not fixed.


    I have asked for a replacement, they told me since I bought it online I need to call up the 1300 321 456 number. I did to have them tell me I need to go to the store to organise the replacement.


    I have an appointment due at 11am tomorrow and it will be my 5th visit to the store within the week and more hours upon those spent on the phone already to AppleCare that have been wasted.


    Simply riddled with lies and a wild goose chase.

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    Hi x.afi. I hope you are right. We have just changed the battery power to 15 minutes and mains power to 25 minutes on our new MBAs. 'here's hoping to more black.

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    Good Morning,


    it has been over 30 days since I had my outage. It took me 7 MBA and a lot of experiments to come up with this outcome.


    Hope you do not see those black screens anymore.


    But remember if your laptop goes black ( after 15mins on batt and 25mins on power ) give 10 seconds and then touch it.


    Bare in mind third party applications do play a part in this as well


    for example : whilst watching a movie ( on power recommed you to change settings to never ) and on battery to 1 hour.


    And after the movie is done revert back to 15 ~ 25 for batt ~ power


    it;s all about doing a little bit of configurations . Which is not that bad. Also it a small price to pay for the max 18 + hours you get on your MBA on a single charge.


    Good Luck

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    The cause seems to have been figured out here >


    Look for the posts by @yoganinja .

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    Hi all, I too am having an increasing occurrance of this problem. Reported it to Apple Support today - they told me to reset the PRAM but that hasn't helped. My problem is not isolated to when the screen fades prior to sleep, in fact, I know that if the screen dims, the problem likely won't occur.


    My problem is that the screen, for no reason whatsoever, simply turns off. No fading, no hot corners, no power button, just turns off without fade, and I have to hard reset by holding pwr button down for 5 seconds to get the thing going again. It happens a couple of times a day, and updates haven't helped. The closest I can come to replicating the problem is by tapping the power button. The screen will switch off instantly, and sometimes you can get it going again/sometimes you just can't without a hard reboot.


    I'm starting to think about returning it and swapping it for a previous generation model, as it's happening in meetings and demonstrations I provide, and is very difficult to explain to my clients.


    Edit: I don't know if this is relavent, but I should also point out that sometimes I wake my Mac from sleep and it has either no sound, or sound volume is extremely quiet even on highest setting - until hard reboot. Again, this is a real problem for me.


    Mid 2013 MBA 13"

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    The same thing has happened to me as well. It doesn't happen as often as you mention, but I could have been working on the computer and suddenly the screen goes black and then have to hard reboot.


    Mid 2013 MBA 13"

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    I demonstrated this behavior at the Apple Store on 11/2/2013 on my machine and in their test environment. It is easy to reproduce and easy to avoid. I've provided details in this thread:


    When the display turns off, it goes through three stages: 1. the screen dims, 2. the screen goes black, 3. the keyboard backlight turns off. Tapping the spacebar or swiping the trackpad anytime during stage 1 will reset the timer. Tapping the keyboard or swiping the trackpad during stage 2 will freeze the black screen with the keyboard lit up. Waiting until stage three to tap the spacebar will wake up the display and everything is fine.


    There is less than a one-second window between stages 2 and 3 while the screen is black but the keyboard is still fading that touching the input devices will hang the machine.


    This can be reproduced on all mid-2013 MBA's, fresh out of the box, running Mountain Lion or Mavericks. Getting a new machine will not fix it, unless they do a hardware upgrade to fix it.

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    see this thread.

    looks like a few having the same issue. Apple tech support advised a software reset. go to the above thread for instructions.

  • melia29 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have tried:


    - PRAM reset

    - SMC reset



    and they don't work. This laptop is just over 3 months old, but this problem has been happening from the first week or two of having it. I've booked myself in for an appointment at my local apple store. I'm gonna take a video of it to show the staff there. It seriously looks like a hardware issue. I did a little test by swiping my phone across the side of the laptop near the "tab" key, and it made my screen sort of wobble between being awake and asleep, and eventually it just went to sleep (can upload a video if you like). So yeah, to me it seems like a hardware issue.


    Do you think they will just give me a replacement?

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    They told me on the phone that their policy is to "capture" any MBA that is presented with this problem so they can diagnose the issue on a "live" machine. They will give you a replacement machine. However, be aware that the new machine will have the same problem until they fix the issue. Better to bring it in and show them how to reproduce the issue in front of them. Also, a "capture" involves giving them your machine as-is, without wiping it first. If you trust them with your data, no problem.

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    I have exactly the same problem with my new (only a few weeks old) macbook air 2013. I really hope it is something that can be fixed with a software update, but the issue is extremely annoying as it makes this otherwise gorgeous computer almost uselfess for serious work. Not the first time I lose data while working on it due to the machine hanging. It is really ridiculous so many people having the issue and a fix not being released by Apple during all this time. This is one of the reasons I swtiched to Apple - i wanted a stable, premium quality device that works. I know nobody is perfect, but I consider bugs with this magnitute and severity to be taken care of and fixed quicker than this.

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    Apple called me back today; the  engineers had some questions for clarification. I've told them several  times that I've reproduced the behavior in most scenarios. Fresh boot  with no apps running. Well-used with lots of apps running. Right after  re-install of OS. Mountain Lion or Mavericks.


    I  still think it would be fun to have everybody make an appointment at  their local Apple store, reference my case number (524999600), and  demonstrate the behavior in front of them.

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