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    melia29 wrote:


    I picked up my MBA from the apple store 5 days ago. They updated the firmware for the EFI and SMC. Since getting my laptop back 5 days ago, the problem has not happened once.


    Maybe give it a try:


    Thank you melia!  We bought an Air yesterday, had several crashes, went through tech support steps with no fix, found this thread and reproduced the power button crash, and then miraculously your post appeared and our machine has been fixed.  I'm so grateful because my daughter is scheduled to take it off to Europe in a few days.  The sad thing is that the update was issued in October but still didn't show up in SoftwareUpdate.


    Update: well I spoke to soon.  I tested the power button crash and that appears to be fixed for me, but the other problem remains. Bummer.

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    Update 2: well, I guess the power button also is not fixed, though I don't seem to be able to reproduce it reliably.  Rats.

  • melia29 Level 1 Level 1

    Yeah I tried reproducing it and I haven't been able to. Over a week since firmware updates now, and the bug hasn't happened again.

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    yoganinja wrote:


    Seriously? Have you tried the steps outlined here ( I'd be curious to see one mid-2013 MBA that cannot reproduce...

    I just tried this three times, did it word for word. timed it perfectly so that I hit a key just as the keyboard backlight was fading and not completely off. and I was unable to reproduce


    Before taking my laptop into the apple store, the only problem I had with it, was that quite often I would wake up the laptop, log in, use my laptop for maybe 30 seconds and it would randomly go to sleep again. I'd have to wait 10 seconds or so before waking it up and logging back in. The firmware update seems to have cleared up this problem, because the problem has not occured for me again in the past 9 days since I got it back from the apple store.

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    I was one of the first people to report this problem way back on July 1 or 2, so I'll add some followup comments for others.  The problem seemed totally random at first and I spent time on the phone with Apple Support to debug.  They had me try all the usual things and sent me a tool to capture the state of the machine immediately after the problem happened.  After looking at the few of those files they sent me a replacement machine to inspect my original Air.  The replacement had the same problem.


    By the time my machine was replaced a number of us had figured out that it's a timing issue related to sleep mode.  If the machine is going to sleep let it finish - just wait a second or two so that the screen and keyboard are both dark before waking it up again.  Once we understood that behavior we never saw the problem again and forgot all about it.


    At this point I can't reproduce the problem at all.  There have obviously been a lot of software updates since July and I don't know which one (if any) actually solved the problem.  I'm happy that I can't duplicate the issue at this point, even by actively trying, but it didn't take any effort to avoid the problem so I never hesitated to recommend the Air to my clients.

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    me too have the same issue with my mba 13" 4gb 128ssd. I am unable to think any more...what to do...pls help...

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    My experience with this has been over a few months.

    Firstly it never happens when connected to an external monitor.

    After the latest firmware updates it only happens now if I accidently hit the power key.

    Before I coudl be in the middle of typing in emails or whatever.

    However when I read that Chrome could affect it I uninstalled it totally and now it happens far less and not always when I hit the power button. So I'm leaving Chrome off for a while.

    The Genius Bar said they would need it for 4 days to test it so I havent left it with them but I am nearly at the stage where I could live with it. The main issue is if I am speaking and running a keynote session in front of people it has been embarrrassing when it happens. I do hope a full fix emerges that doesnt need 4 days in the genius bar.

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    Would you try the following command as a test?

    I tried twice to reproduce, but in vain.


    sudo pmset -b sleep 2 displaysleep 1 disksleep 3

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    As promised, here's my update from Apple Care. The engineers are working on a solution for this problem. Apple recognizes this is an emerging issue with the mid-2013 MacBook Air machines, and are working on either a firmware fix or a replacement program, depending on what the final verdit is. They did think it was a Mavericks issue, and I made it clear this happened before Mavericks, so they are taking that back to the engineers.


    This is the best possible news from all quarters. There will be a fix for this issue. Not sure when, of course, but they assured me a solution is forthcoming.


    In the meantime, here's the temporary solution I've found that works best:


    Under Energy Saver, uncheck "put the hard disk to sleep whenever possible." Set your energy settings to 15 minutes for battery and 25 minutes for power adapter, On power adapter, click "prevent computer from sleeping automatically when display is off." And most important, when the computer starts to go to sleep, don't touch anything. Allow it to go to sleep, wait ten seconds, then wake it back up. These steps should alleviate the crashing for now.


    I'll update again next time I hear anything new. Be well, all. Merry everything!

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    Thank you, yoganinja for sharing all your diligent work on the BSOD secondary to sleep!


    My 11" Macbook Air Mid 2013 always reproduced the Black Screen of Death with Energy Savings set to default while running on the battery or power adapter following your steps:


    shortened version:  Immediately after screen turns black, tap any key or keys; keyboard lights stay on but device will not wake. Must perform hard boot to restart.


    SMC P-RAM, EFI and SMC firmware updates produced "no joy".


    Called Apple Support today and started a case number.  The engineers got a Capture_Data.dmg file of the failure.


    Dec 7th the tech called me and said the engineers want me to set up a disk partition to test my device to see if it is hardware or "software" (perhaps he meant "firmware"?) related.  I said I really didn't want to do that and spend another hour on the phone.  The tech said he will tell the engineers I "refused" and I said "whoa.....that's a little harsh, isn't it?   Why can't they test this on their mid 2013 MacBook Airs?  I've spent enough time on this--we showed them the problem and how to reproduce it."  The tech said he would relay that info and for me to make sure auto updates are "on".


    Meanwhile using the suggested "bandaid" and it seems to work:


    apple/system preferences/energy saver/battery: 15 min and deselect box "put hard disks to sleep when possible/power adapter 25 min and deselect box "put hard disks to sleep when possible"


    If others wish to create a case here is the URL:


    Now it sounds like I wait and see.  At least they didn't deny a problem!


    Case No. 538481151

    MacBook Air 11" mid 2013, i5 processer/4gb RAM/256gb Storage

    Noticed problem occurred after upgrade to Mavericks.

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    The update is not what any of us wanted to hear.


    After changing every piece of hardware he could - logic board, hard disk, battery etc. - wiping the MBA clean and reinstalling everything with absolutely all firmware and software updates, it still crashes.


    The poor lad has thrown the towel in and sounded most unhappy about it.


    He's going back to Apple to see what they want to do.


    I need a lightweight notebook to cary around when travelling for business that will not crash without warning in the midst of a presentation when I'm trying to win business, not very professional, so it looks like I need a refund to go back to a PC and the nightmare of W8 :-(


    If they're interested in retaining my custom, they'll offer me a 13.3" MB Pro until they are able to offer me an MBA that works.


    Not at all happy to have been so comprehensively let down by Apple.

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    The only way I was able to reproduce this at this point (after installing Mavericks & all updates) was to let my 18 month-old bang on the keyboard from the right side.


    Just another data point.

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    It is definately the right side and the area around the on off switch, delete and plus key. It never happens when connected to a monitor.

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    When I overextend my pinky and hit the power key instead of the delete key, automatically I immediately tap the delete key that I missed the first time, and of course, my macbook air freezes. 


    I must learn to wait until the keyboard lights are completely OFF before touching the keyboard to wake the macbook air from sleep.


    Disabling sleep did not prevent the black screen of death:


    System preferences / energy saver / power adapter / prevent computer from sleeping automatically when display is off



    Case No. 538481151

    MacBook Air 11" mid 2013, i5 processer/4gb RAM/256gb Storage

    Noticed problem occurred after upgrade to Mavericks.

  • shyannlindy Level 1 Level 1

    Apple called this morning 12/13 and stated the engineers are aware of the sleep problem and to watch for a software update.  I asked, "So this is not hardware related?" and rep said it is expected to be fixed with a software update and since this is a known issue they will probably prioritize this.  I asked why it is happening to some mid 2013 macbook airs and not others, and he still said software should fix the problem. hmmmmmm.....


    They also said you may wish to make sure auto update is active:


    apple/system preferences/app store icon/check the box automatically check for updates (which is enabled by default)

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