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Am getting desperate, 80 year old female needs help.   Have no problem putting audibooks from itunes store into ipod nano but when I put my own audio book discs in they go into music which is not the rght place.  I have only recently purchased my ipod and am really happy with it but this issue is driving me nuts!!!!  I will be forever grateful if someone, somewhere can hep.  

iPod nano, Windows 8, 7th Generation
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    If you select those 'tracks' in the Music part of your computer's iTunes library and do 'get-info' (control-I) then you should get a popup with a series of tabs on it. Select the Options tab on that and change their 'Kind' to 'Audiobook' (the popup, and the options on each tab on it, will vary slightly depending upon whether you've selected one track or multiple tracks when doing 'get-info') :


    options tab.jpg


    That should move them to the Books part of your library along with your other audiobooks. You can then delete the current 'music versions of them from your iPod and then sync the new 'aubiobook' versions instead.

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    King Penguin - when I do this they go across but as individual chapters, not together as a book, whihc makes it difficult to know what is what.  Is there a way of reorganisaing them so the chpaters move across to books as a whole book?  Thanks.

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    There may be an easier way to do it, but on mine I've named them so that the first 1 or 2 letters of their chapter names are the chapter number e.g. '01 chapter name', '02 chapter name' (that may not be necessary but it makes it easier for me to see where I am when playing it). I've also given them disc numbers - so when selecting the 'tracks' individually via 'get info' the first one has 'disc 1 of n' on its Info tab, the second 'disc 2 of n' etc. Each audiobook then appears as a separate book in the Music app on my devices with the chapters listed and playing sequentially.

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    Thanks a lot, problem solved.  Regards to all who replied