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  • kempeitai Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I too have been receiving these emails for the past 3 weeks now.  But it has gone further where my password has been changed a few times now.  And when I notice, is when I use either my iPad or my iPhone (which prompts me to add my password over and over when connecting to iCloud or iTunes) - similar to R-Stac and Welshgirlinsurrey.  the last 2 times, my password has been changed and I don't even receive an email from Apple anymore.  What is going on with Apples security?  I can't even switch to two step verification since it's not available in Canada yet.  Is Apple doing anything about this because constantly having to change my password once or twice a week is getting really tiring.

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    After 10 days since my post here, and three weeks total, the e-mails continue.  My password has been reset twice.  I have no Apple hardware and only use iTunes to purchase music.  Clearly there is something wrong with Apple's security services, and my confidence is nil.


    So, that's it for me.  I've removed my Credit Card info from iTunes.  Until I get a serious response from Apple about this I have to safeguard my interests.  I'll buy music from somewhere else.

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    Started to get the password reseet e-mail from yesterday 12:59 UTC and now thats 3 in the last 12 hours.  The embedded URLs look to be legitimate but still a little concerned that I am unable to define the point of origin i.e. can Apple offer details on the device that initiated the requests....




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    This has started to happen to me too, just out of curiosity does anyone have their devices Jailbroken?, my iPad is and im just trying to create a link between the two.



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    Hi Jules1974,


    No devices in our household are  Jailbroken, also looks as though the headers on the e-mails are coming from Apple -  and as I stated earlier, the embedded URLS dont look like a phishing attempt either - just wondering if this is a Technical issue at Apple's end...

  • Jules1974 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi emjace


    Your probably right, i have been asking around my office and others are not getting any hassl. Maybe apple have had a security breech and are keeping quiet so they dont have to live with the the likes of Sony/Blizzard and other numerous embarassing mishaps!!.



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    This started happening to me yesterday too. The e-mails all appear legitimate. The problem is unlike Google, Apple doesn't let you see where the invalid login / password request attempt came from. At least with google, it will localize the login request to a location and you can indicate whether or not the login attempt was legit or not. Without this feedback from Apple's system, we're left speculating what's going on in the backend and whether our security is compromised.

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    Jules 1974, I do not have any jailbroken devices.  gmy, I couldn’t agree more that Apple should do as others do — if there is a suspicious login attempt, give data on date, location etc.  I received this kind of notice from Facebook yesterday (and acted on it).


    The circumstances — multiple individuals receiving these emails, the awkward language in the mail from Apple (“If you weren't trying to reset your password, don't worry – your account is still secure and no one has been given access to it. Most likely, someone just mistyped their email address while trying to reset their own password.”) — suggest to my mind some kind of security issue.


    Is anyone here a registered developer?  There was a security issue with the Developer website:

  • gmy Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yep, I'm registered as a developer but I don't have an active developer license. I suppose this could be related.

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    Hi All


    I have just received an interesting email from ubuntuforums saying they have been compromised and the account data could be used elsewhere. I did register with those forums with the same email address but not password.


    This info may help you guys out and may bottom whats happening here.




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    I would suspect attempts to gain access to your account from unauthorized users.


    I have received 3 emails today.  Approximately 6 hours apart, similar to a scheduled task on a server.


    It would be nice to know (from apple) where the IP addresses originated with these requests.



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    This total BS......Apple gets hacked and we have to pay the price now ?

    I am getting spammed every 2 hours....They say our passwords are safe but i have to change my password now in 10.0000 different places cause of all this...

    And where is the Apple support ? How can we contact them ?



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    This has been happening to me at least once a day for the last week.


    I went to the Iforgot page myself (not via any links in email) and clicked forgotten password to see if the real email matched the ones I've been receiving. It did and now I'm worried someone/something is trying to hack my account.


    Apple need to sort this and give us answers.

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    I have been receiving these recently, but they are addressed to an email address that I am pretty sure Apple does not have. At any rate, when I changed my password & CC info, I received the same messages addressed to the proper email address. This leads me to believe that these frequent emails are not legit.



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    Have been receiving these also since last night, 3 emails about my password had been reset. Live in Belgium and this is the first time this has happened. I don't feel good about this !

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