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i want to add my business on iphone maps. Can you please help me?

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    Hi Katakiii,


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    If you do not find your business location when you do a search in Maps, you can report the issue within the app.

    Click on the link below to see more details and screenshots

    I've quoted some helpful highlights for you:


    iOS 6: Using Maps


    Troubleshooting Maps

    If you're unable to find your location, try the following:

    • Ensure that Location Services is enabled. Tap Settings > Privacy > Location Services.
    • For Maps to find and track your location, both Locations Services and Maps must be set to On.
    • Restart your device.
    • Verify that cellular data or Wi-Fi is enabled.

    If traffic is not properly displayed, verify that the Traffic setting is enabled. Tap Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services and confirm Traffic is set to On.If Maps fails to display results, results are incorrect, locations are missing, or you experience any other issue while using Maps, you can report the issue:

    • Tap Overview, then tap the lower-right corner of the display.

    Tap Report a Problem.

    • Choose the appropriate issue description and follow the onscreen instructions.

    I hope this information helps ....

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