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How do I create a watermark so that I can insert it onto my photos at time of export. I have read the instructions for adding a watermark but it doesn't explain how to create the watermark in the first place. I know it has to be saved as a PSD file in order to import it onto the photo but how do I create it? All I want to do at this point is add "©Name, 2013" Many thanx for your help.....................................

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    I know it has to be saved as a PSD file in order to import it onto the photo but how do I create it?


    Dave, you can also use .png files - any image file with an alpha channel for transparency will do.


    Only, Aperture does not support the creation of files with alpha channel Use any editor that can do it - PhotoShop, Pixelmator, Graphic Converter, the free Gimp.


    Or for just one file with a signature use Preview.


    Write your signature with the font and size you want in Textedit or your preferred editor. Export a pdf or - if possible a png - of the signature and open this in Preview.


    Open the image in Preview. If it is a pdf, crop it (Tools > Rectangular selection, Tools > Crop) and export is as png (File > Export).

    • Open the png in Preview.
    • Show the "Editing Toolbar": View > Show Editing Toolbar.
    • Select the "Instant Alpha Tool" and drag it over the background. (The tool looks like a magic wand)
    • This should select the complete background. Press "Edit > Delete" to clear the background.

    Save it to a png file and you are done.


    Good Luck

    Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 10.47.54.PNG


    Note: Once your image has a transparent background, you can select any non-transparent region with the "Instant Transparency Tool" and make it transparent by using "Edit > Delete".


    This way you can make the enclosed backgound in the letters D, e, o transparent as well.

    Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 11.04.46.PNG