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My MacBook Pro 6.2 doesn't connect reach a 300mbps connection speed  although I have a 5 Ghz network setup with airport extreme 5th generation. I try all the channels, but I am unable to improve the connection speed.




Any advice? Help? Would be really appriciate.



AirPort Extreme 802.11n (5th Gen)
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    How old is your MacBook Pro?


    What speeds do you receive now, on average?


    Are there any obstructions like walls, ceilings, or heavy furniture in the direct signal path between the Mac and AirPort Extreme?

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    Thanks for the quick reply. My macbook in from summer 2010. I am sitting in the kitchen and the airport extreme is located above me. The obstructions are wooden wall with carpet.


    I tried in the sleeping room, there the speed pickup. Is then the only solution to move the extreme downstars?


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    5 GHz signals are very weak and do not penetrate obstructions well at all, so the signal strength and speed falls off very quickly with 5 GHz.  5 GHz needs clear line-of-sight to work well.


    You might be able to get 220-270+ if the Mac is within 10-15 feet of the AirPort and it has direct line-of-sight with the AirPort.


    A new or 1 year old Mac could likely get 350-400+ or so under the same line-of-sight conditions.


    What happens if you try this as a test?

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    I am getting better signal strenght... and now that I am back in the living room, it is back to 162 sitting at the dining table.. However, when siting on the sofa, which is 3 meters further, I first got 300 and now 108/162


    Is this normal? I look like it can not maintain the higher rate.

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    It takes 15-30 seconds for the speed readings to update if the Mac moves, or a person walks in the signal path and absorbs more of the signal.


    The connection starts out and "tries" at 270-300, but sees that the signal is too weak to support that speed, so it drops down to a level where the bandwidth can be better maintained.


    As a reference for your network.......What happens if you take 5 minutes and move the Macbook to the same room as the AirPort Extreme and give it clear line-of-sight to the AirPort?  Whatever that speed is....is the best that you can hope for with your Mac.


    If you move the Mac significantly further away, or introduce any obstructions in the signal path, the speed will fall.

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    Thank again.

    In the room I get 300 and now I am sitting on the sofa... for at least 5 minutes and sometimes I get 300 and sometimes less. I think I have to move the extreme downstares. However, in the past I never saw that the connection was 300.  But maybe I should not try to understand it... ;-)

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    If you want top speeds, you will have to move the AirPort Extreme downstairs......or......add another AirPort Extreme downstairs and you will have great signals both upstairs and downstairs.


    The best way to do this would be to connect the AirPorts using an Ethernet cable.

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    Thanks Bob

    You are right, but my Internet connection is 60mb, so the speed is still adequate with the current connection (160+) however, I will trie to figure out a good setuo. Cable comes in the front where the modem is, but if I place there the extreme, I still have a concrete between the living room.

    Qustion (I really appricate your help).


    My dsl modem is in the front, can I put there a network switch, plug in there a cable to go upstairs, and put there a cable to go into the living room? Putting a wired cable back from the living room to go upstairs, would result in putting a new cable connection back upstair.


    Because of the network switch, then the thwo extreme need to be separte, because they can't extend isnt it?

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    This all depends on whether you have a simple modem or a modem/router.


    if you have a simple modem, you cannot place a switch between the modem and a router. The switch must come after the router.


    Modem > Router > Switch > Devices


    If you have a modem/router, then you can place a switch after the modem/router and connect the AirPort device(s) to the switch.


    Modem/Router > Switch > Other Routers and Devices

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    I have a cisco eoc3925 modem/router which is currently only acting as a modem, because otherwise it is sending out a signal which I am not using because I have the apple and the signal would otherwise be interfering of not?

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    Turning off the wireless on a modem/router will not make it a modem.  It is still a wired router.


    You can connect a switch to the Cisco modem/router and then connect other devices to the switch.

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    Ok. thanks. i will try that.


    Thanks a lot.