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hi everyone. Very first time here. I can usually resolve problems because the mac is so friendly but now I am completely frustrated. my iphone 5 calendars will not sync with my macbook ical. I have resorted to manually copying all my events from months past into ical as I am afraid of losing all the information on the iphone 5 which is the correct info. I have tried the deletion of the calendar caches, resetting the sync services and I have gone through my calendars and tried to give all the repeating events different ending dates but nothing is working. After inputting the last 3 months of events and battling with the conflict resolver I tried syncing again. Now I have hundreds of duplicate entries and some that have been randomly made up. Hundreds ! all I seem to find are non solutions from years back but there must be a better solution. 1 clue is the console says ( icalexternal,refusing adding record,sync events cannot have multiple exceptions ). I have tried to give events different times. I really need my calendars working properly. it seems this all started with the lion upgrade although I have 10.6.8.

iPhone 5, Mac OS X (10.6.8)