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The airport base staion agent will not launch on my HP. It does work on my other PC. I currently have the latest software and the new time capslue. I can locate the disk in my network from my other computer but not my HP. Is the agent being blocked some how?

Time Capsule, Windows 7
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    You do not strictly need it.


    Does the TC or Airport have all SMB type names.. short, no spaces and pure alphanumeric?

    Have you setup workgroup correctly..generally WORKGROUP?


    It helps to turn on the guest account.


    Then in windows explorer simply type.


    \\TCname or \\TCipaddress


    Where TCname stands for the name of the TC or AE with external drive.. or TCipaddress is just the address in normal format. eg by default,


    If it refuses to open..

    In a windows command type ping TCname or TCipaddress


    If that fails that is why the agent is not starting.. it has no connection to the TC and doesn't know there is any device.