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iPhone 4 running iOS 6.1.3. Changed my Apple ID Password. Now  "Messages" and "Facetime" both showing "Waiting for Activation...." and have been like this 30 hours.


Have rebooted, Reset Network Settings, doublechecked Apple ID, have tried about every fix on every forum to no avail.


HOWEVER, I'm confused. When I go to Settings > Messages, I DO NOT get the "Send and Recieve" option or others shown in the screen at the top of this thread.


I get "Messages" with an On/Off toggle and below that. "Waiting for activation..." The, below: SMS/MMS with 4 choices: "MMS Messaging" with an On/Off toggle (set "On"); "Group Messaging" with an On/Off toggle (set "On"); "Show Subject Field" with On/Off toggle (Set "Off"); and "Character Count" with an On/Off toggel (Set "Off").


My phone number is correct (I've erased and re-entered) and my Apple ID and new password are correct.


I've called Apple Suppport and they were absolutely no help!