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Hello everybody, i have a big problem with my ipad, I have been using my iPad as a camera I have a lot of pictures on this iPad my girlfriend put in wrong passcode several times, now i getting an error message says [iPad is disabled connect to iTunes] i already did connect the iPad to iTunes but I get another error message that says [iTunes could not connect to the iPad Dell's iPad because it is locked with a passcode. You must enter your passcode on the iPad before it can be used with iTunes] i can't do that because there's no passcode field on the iPad!


Loads my iPad in recovery mode


iTunes with iPad in recovery mode a msgbox appears says [iTunes has detected an iPad in recovery mode. you must restore this iPad before it can be used with iTunes] the only option i get is to restore iPad!, When i click on [restore iPad] bottom a msgbox appears says [Are you sure you want to restore the iPad "iPad" to its factory settings? All of your media and other data will be erased. and the newest version of the ipad software will be installed.


iTunes will verify the restore with Apple. After this process is complete, you will have the option to restore your contacts, calendars, text messages and other setting.]


I cancelled Restore/Recovery and here's my big problem using restore option will erase all data on my iPad, i know the passcode but i can't use it anymore is there anyway i can save my data, pics, mov etc... I can not believe that if someone put in wrong passcode several times you'll lose everything?


NB: I don't have a backup file, I have never used iTunes before i just downloaded the lastes itunes version to fix the passcode problem.



Any help would be greatly appreciated.

iPad 2, Windows 7
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    You're stuck.


    After a number of invalid passcode entry attempts the device is locked. The only way to unlock is with a complete restore and you will lose the data on the device.


    This doesn't help now but in the future set up the free iCloud account and use photo stream so the cloud always has a copy of photos. You get 5 GB for free.




    As for your believeing or not believeing - the whole purpose of a security code is security. Therefore, the feature is working as designed. If a stranger found that iPad you would want it erased so that they would not have your data.


    You need to ALWAYS be backing up your data and plugging the iPad into iTunes at least once a month if not more in addition to setting up iCloud.

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    Hey dude,


    Sorry to hear your ipad is disabled. Normally with iOS there is a security feature that when a password attempt is failed too many times it permanentaly disables the device.  You are forced to restore it. This might work but I cannot guarantee it. There is a program called Phoneview and it will recognize your device to get your photos off of it. I use it all the time and my phone has a passcode. The only thing is that it might not work because due to the ipad being disabled. I cant guarantee it working. The only real solutions if hoping that there is a iCloud backup or photostream turned on.  Best of luck!

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    I Have the same problem. My son entered the wrong passcode too many times and my ipad mini is disabled. I backed everything up and have the right passcode. So I connected to ITunes and go to Restore the device,


    Clicked OK, and then restore the device.


    iTunes will start downloading an iPad software update and then comes the small window ---

    iTunes could not connect to the iPad because it is locked with a passcode. You must enter your passcode on the iPad before it can be used with iTunes. -- How the **** I can enter the right Passcode when there's no field to enter it to? Would it be nice if you can enter the right passcode in ITunes to restore it?



    Note: all the back up are in iCloud not in iTunes. I'm looking for option to remove the device from Find my iPhone on my iCloud account (as what others are suggesting) but could not find such option.

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    Let the download complete ( you will see the status of download on top right corner of iTunes by clicking on the box)

    Then take your  iPad in Recovery mode to restore it: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1808