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Windows 7; Cannon Printer USB Connected to a 2010 Model Airport Express (Firmware has been upgraded)


--Bonjour did as advertised.  It helped me discover and add the right print driver to my Printer list in Windows 7.

--Then the PC does a great job of pretending to print.  The driver comes up as normal; the dialogue boxes are right.

--Then it even queus the document for printing.

--Then NOTHING happens.  It all stops and dissapears.


Firewall?  I read in an archived post that firewals may be causing this.

So, I turned off the firewall.  It didn't work.


VPN?  I read somewhere that it's possble a VPN can interfere with the Port.

So, I turned that off too.  It still didn't work. 


I hope someone can help.