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i think my 10.5.8 os x is too old and seriously needs updating?! suddenly my movie clips wont transfer from my camera to my laptop and they always have, also when i thought it was a space issue i went to delete older clips on my laptop and there is no move to trash option . can anyone help? is there a solution to this or do i just need to upgrade big time?thanks for your time .

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    What version of iMovie are you using? What camera is it? How much free space do you have on your hard drive?

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    Hi klaus1 thank you for replying my video clips I'm having trouble

    With are in iPhoto 08 version 7.1.5(378) my camera

    Is a canon g10 these 2 have never had a problem before . I thought the

    Problem was memory but it won't let me delete any existing clips to make room.

    I went into about this apple thinking that would tell me how much memory is left

    But it doesn't sorry I'm not sure how else to check that . Tanks for your time . 

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    Any finder window will show you (at the bottom) how much free space you have left.

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    Thank you , it says 2.37gb available .

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    That is far, far too little - hardly enough for the operating system to operate properly.


    You need at least ten times that (20GB or more). Either delete unwanted crud, or move your files (but not the applications) to an external hard drive.

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    thank you so much for your help and for your time .