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Since a couple of months ago, I can't listen to music with Itunes because it keeps crashing after 1 to 3 songs playing. I'm keeping either my system or my Itunes updated and nothing seems to help. Any suggestions?

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    Hi annietar,


    I'm sorry to hear you are having issues with iTunes.   The article below will suggest that you uninstall and reinstall the iTunes application.


    Mac OS X: How to troubleshoot a software issue


    If this issue is with content in your iTunes library, if you have a Time Machine backup, you could restore the library from an earlier date.


    Click on the link below to see more details and screenshots. 

    I've quoted some helpful highlights for you:


    Mac Basics: Time Machine


    With Time Machine you can go "back in time" to restore files, versions of files, or your entire system.


    You can use the timeline on the right side of the window to reach a certain point back in time (the timeline shows the times of all backups on your backup drive). If you don’t know exactly when you deleted or changed a file, you can use the back arrow to let Time Machine automatically travel through time to show you when that folder last changed.

    Note: Dates in pink indicate the data resides on your Time Machine backup device. Dates in white indicate the data resides on your Mac. In OS X Mountain Lion and Lion, portable Macs have the feature of local snapshots. See this article for details.

    To restore, select the file/folder and click the "Restore" button. The file will automatically be copied to the desktop or appropriate folder.  If the file you are restoring has another file in the same location with the same name, you will be prompted to choose which file to keep or keep both.


    I hope this information helps ....

    Have a great day!



    - Judy

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    Thank you for your answer. After searching on Google regarding similar issues, I found that there is a way to load in Itunes without the third party plugin to check out if this problem is related to that. In my case, it seems to be the problem since no unexpected quitting is happening in this mode. I deleted the only Itunes plugin that I found in my library but it did not fix the problem.


    Now, my interrogation is how do I find these other plugin to delete them? They seems to be hidden.


    Thank again for you help

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    Hi annietar,


    I believe this is the article that you are inquiring about:


    iTunes: Troubleshooting issues with third-party iTunes plug-ins




    Click on the link for more details, but here are the file locations on your Macbook Pro


    Close iTunes and try moving add-ons not manufactured by Apple temporarily to the Desktop to troubleshoot the behavior. iTunes stores these plug-ins and scripts in the following locations:

    • Mac:
      /Users/username/Library/iTunes/iTunes Plug-ins/
      /Library/iTunes/iTunes Plug-ins/