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I've just installed ML Server (2.2.1) on a Mac mini system running 10.8.4.

It's a very simple configuration, with only three services enabled: Time Machine, File Sharing, and Contacts. I have three user accounts set up. The three services appear to be working fine. A couple of laptops are using the TM service for backup. The file sharepoints are accessible to all. A number of iDevices and Macs using Contacts and/or Address Book apps are able to access a shared group of contacts on the server. 


However, the Error Log for the Contacts service is reporting an error every thirty seconds:

  • 2013-06-22 14:48:58-0400 [-] [mailgateway] 2013-06-22 14:48:58-0400 [Uninitialized] [twistedcaldav.mail.IMAP4DownloadFactory#error] IMAP factory connection failed


My troubleshooting so far indicates that this error is related to the Calendar service, which needs e-mail access in order to send out and receive event invitations.  But I do not have the Calendar service enabled, nor the Mail service. (and I have no plans to turn either of these up).


Even though the Calendar service is turned off, I've checked to make sure that "Enable invitations by e-mail" checkbox is not checked.  (that fix was proposed in another discussion thread here).


Can anyone explain why the server is attempting to make an IMAP connection, and more importantly, help me figure out how to stop the error messages every thirty seconds.



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    OP here with some additional information regarding this ongoing problem.


    I realized that by default, the Alerts service was configured to send out e-mails notifying of various problems (disk unreachable, disk space, virus detected, etc).  I unchecked all the boxes for E-mail notification, and for good measure, erased the Recipient e-mail address that appears on the Alerts screen.  Alas, this made no difference. The same "IMAP factory connection failed" error is still getting generated every 30 seconds.


    Perhaps an undocumented required for ML Server is that the Mail service has to be activated??  If so, why would Apple provide an ON/OFF switch  for the Mail service?  There must be some way to disable ML Server from attempting to make an IMAP connection.