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Hi, I have a friend who installed Win7 on his Macbook and deleted Snow Leopard OS. He asked me to restore the OS but I cant see anything except the Windows operating system. What to do?

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6)
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    to re-install 10.6, a 10.6 DVD is required.


    The 10.6 DVD is bootable, and contains Utilities including Disk Utility and Installer.

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    Is there any spcial instructions I should be aware of during the installation regarding the Disk Utilities?

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    Get the DVD into the drive.

    Hold down the Option key at startup and wait as it slowly draws an Icon for each bootable Volume. If you did not get the DVD into the drive earlier, when it is done with drawing all Icons, the Eject key becomes "live" and can be used to open the drawer on a tray-loader drive.

    Select Install macOS X )the name of the DVD and press the arrow under it to proceed.

    Answer only the "what language" question and wait a quarter minute for the MenuBar to be drawn.

    Choose Disk Utility off the Utilities menu.

    Erase and partition the drive to your liking. Mac OS X requires GUID partition Map, Mac OS X Extended, journaled Volume.

    Exit. (you will probably have to restart).


    This time click (Install Mac OS X) button, and follow directions.