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first some info about my system:

OS X 10.9

iTunes 10.0.4

iPhone 4 16GB

tried different USB ports und cables


The iPhone went off while normally running and can´t be turned on again since then.

My MacBook Pro/iTunes recognizes the iPhone only when being in DFU-Mode.

When selecting the newest FW by Alt-clicking "Restore" iTunes starts extracting and Preparing the iPhone for restore, but than it´s stuck at waiting for iPhone...

The connection seems to get lost, so I reconnect it by entering DFU Mode again, iTunes regnoizes the iPhone but than shows "Waiting for iPhone..." again. On second try it finishes with Error "4014". If I don´t make use of this little trick, iTunes cancels the process after 3-8minutes and says Error "4005".

That´s basically it.

Hopefuly anybody here can help. You are my last hope regarding this issue, although I´m not a complete newby to iPhone problems.

Thanks and kind regards

iPhone 4, iOS 6.1.3, OS X 10.9