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I originally posted this in the Mountain Lion section, but maybe this is where I should have tried first.



I have  a song in the iTunes library of the Snow Leopard side of my Hard Drive. It plays well. However, I want to move it to the Mountain Lion side of my Hard Drive. The problem is, it doesn't play very well there; in fact, it's more like static and screech than a song. I recorded it with an older version of iTunes and in the Snow Leopard environment, but I want to move it to the latest version of iTunes in the Mountain Lion side of my Hard Drive.


I thought I had solved the problem. I played the song and recorded it again using WireTap Studio (a sound recording and editing program). I then mailed it to myself, and I opened it in the Mountain Lion partition. Unfortunately, although I had expected that to do the trick, the song file I opened in Mountain Lion was just as bad as before. What else can I try? I had thought of burning the song into a CD  in the Snow Leopard side and then moving it to my Mountain Lion side using WireTap Studio again. Would that work? If not, what can I do?

iDVD 7.1.1 (1150)


iDVD 7.1.1 (1150)
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    Are these 2 systems on the same local network? So you might use File Sharing & Import it from 10.8?

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    Oh wait, are they on the same Mac?


    Boot from 10.8, find that file on the 10.6 Partition, double click on it... any different?

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    They are in the same computer.

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    It could be that I don't understand you, but I don't see how I can do that. Either I'll be in 10.6 or 10.8. How can I retreive a file from 10.6 while I'm in 10.8?

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    I just tried burning the song into a disc while in 10.6. I then played the disc in 10.8, but it was still mostly static. I could barely hear the song. Thinking about it, this is really strange. Everyone updates their software, so the USUAL must be to have recorded songs in older software versions and in older operating systems. Why, then, am I having this problem? The song does play when I'm in the OS 10.6 operating system.

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    Well, it depends how you setup your Sidebar, & 10.8 isn't quite as easy as earlier OSes, but here you can see in my Finder Window I can choose 8 other Drives/Partitions to navigate to...


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    I did it again (I burned another disc), but this time I was more careful. I made sure that I had deleted all previous unsuccessful efforts from OS 10.8 (It took me much longer than I had expected), so that I could be sure that I was listening to the latest effort and not the earlier ones. The result was the same: static with a little music.


    As to retrieving a song from 10.6 while in 10.8, I finally tried FINDER>DEVICES>SNOW LEOPARD>iTUNES, but it didn't help. I would have thought that when you clicked on Snow Leopard, all of the columns to the right would be in Snow Leopard, but that didn't seem to be the case. Anyway, I was unsuccessful.


    I'm quitting for the day. It doesn't pay to spend too much time in one  session on problems like this. It is strange, though.


    One last thing: I wanted to share the song with a friend of mine, but I  was worried that she would have the same problem, that she would only hear static, especially since she has a PC, not a Mac. However, I tried anyway. She got the song and not the static. I'm totally baffled.

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    Do other songs play fine in 10.5.8?


    Do you have any other Sound Apps installed, like Soundflower?


    Long shot, but...


    Open Audio Midi Setup in Applications>Utilities, see the input & output options & KHz setting there, some things will change it for their own use, then not set it back

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    All the music in my 10.6 iTunes library, including the song in question, plays fine. I have Audacity and Final Vinyl, but I never use them. The KHz setting is 44,100, 2 ch-24 bit in both 10.6 and 10.8.


    I'm now going to make a recording of that song in 10.6 using the internal microphone for the source. I'll then transfer that recording to 10.8. The fidelity shouldn't be as good as good, but it might be good enough, and it might give me a better understanding.

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    Okay, that's it for today. I did make a recording of the song in Snow Leopard using the internal MICROPHONE, and I did email it to myself. it came through fine, but the quality is poor. It's not something I would give to a friend, but it is music, not static. On my Snow Leopard desktop, I have three files of the song. Two of them are glorious (to me) but can't be transferred to Mountain Lion. The third one, the one I just made, is poor quality music, but it can be transferred to Mountain Lion. Just in case I haven't made myself clear, it's a poor quality recording on both Mountain Lion and Snow Leopard.

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    I'd first like to thank you for your efforts on my behalf, but it looks like I'm going to have to extend my search. The first place I tried was the Mountain Lion section, and I didn't get even one reply. That was obviously a poor choice. Now I'm going to try iTunes. It's all about opening an iTunes file, so maybe that's where I should have gone in the first place.


    Maybe it's about opening  difficult files. Sometimes there are files that require special codecs, etc. Not that I know what a codec is, but I can remember times when downloading the right one enabled me to open stubborn files. As you know, there are many other such possibilities. Now, how and why my iTunes files got itself into such a state I have no idea, but something went wrong, and maybe an iTunes specialist can help. Thanks again for trying to help.


    Now that I think about it, I have a collection of programs for opening files. First I'll try an iTunes man, but if no one can help, I'll see what my "safe-cracker" programs can do.

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    does iTunes - File - Get Info show a difference (in rate, format, encoding etc) between this problem file and others that transfer to the Mountain partition as expected ?.

    Will VLC play it correctly in ML ?

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    I've been spending a great deal of time trying to get the definitive answer, but I keep running into things I just don't understand; nevertheless, I couldn't find any differences between the recordings that make them sound so different. I looked at many song files, but I'll just mention some  in the notes I have at hand.


    (1) Recording from YouTube (The quality is fine): 4.9 MB, 128 kbps, MPEG aud., 44,100 kHz

    [This is about the same as the recordings I have in Snow Leopard that could be transferred to Mountain Lion without loss of quality]

    (2) The recording that sounds great in Snow Leopard but terrible in Mountain Lion: 8.8 MB, 173 kbps, MPEG aud., 44,100 kHz.


    When I tried using VLC, the following message appeared on my screen: VLC Media Player cannot open files in the MPEG audio layer 3 format. I might add that when I tried "right-clicking," I was given the choice of at least ten programs (Flip, Quicktime, RealPlayer, iTunes, etc., but none that I tried were useful (I still haven't tried the high-powered "safecracking" programs I have somewhere. 


    That's it for me today. I don't want to say how much time I've already spent on this, but I'm exhausted, so I'm heading for the gym. Bench presses are easier on the system.

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    it seems odd that vlc says that - same with other mp3's ?


    regardless, if you have audacity, you could export from that & hopefully the version will play ok

    or in iTunes - on snow, select the track, choose Advanced - Create mp3 version (or ctrl click & choose that - hopefully available on the iTunes version you use)

    then use iTunes - File - Show in Finder & pick the 'new' version to test in 10.8


    Create will use same mp3 quality settings selected in Preferences - Import settings - mp3 encoder