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I have been using imovie reasonably successfully until I wanted to add TITLES. In my lastest project I have only managed one or two titles before IMOVIE CRASHES. I've sent most of the automatically generated reports to Apple. My system is "up-to-date"! On restarting imovie, I have had to go to the project list to find & reopen the Project. However, at the LAST CRASH the whole PROJECT DISAPPEARED from the PROJECT LIST. The files appear to be listed but are all "greyed out" both on my computer and my TIME MACHINE. Anyone got any good ideas please?

iMovie '11, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Hello puzzledDC,


    I want to say that while you can see the files in Time Machine they may be part of an alternate backup partition and Time Machine knows this and is separating them from the current backup image.


    Try these steps out to see if there is more than 1 disk with a Time Machine backup on it:


    Tip: You can also browse the original backup drive for past backups by using "Browse other Time Machine Disks"--to see this choice, hold the Option key then click the Time Machine menu in the Finder (to see the menu, "Show Time Machine status in the menu bar" must be selected in Time Machine preferences.

    From: Mac Basics: Time Machine



    If so then load up the other image and try to restore the file that way.