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I am hoping somebody out there can help me once and for all!!


I want to do what should be a simple task- transferring my photos from my HTC One S to my iMac. I have tried downloading the (useless) HTC Sync Manager which is supposed to allow the HTC One S and the iMac to communicate but I STILL can't get my photos across from my phone to my computer. I don't want to put anything FROM the computer to my phone, I just need to know how to the basic operation of getting the pictures from the phone to the iMac. Eveyrtime I connect the phone via the USB lead, nothing happens apart from everything freezing up on the computer, I have to restart the iMac every time. It is so frustrating!!!!


I am not really technical or familiar with all of the various apps, software and technical terms so if somebody could help me to do this in a step by step way I would be so happy! (also, you would be helping to stop me throwing both the computer AND phone out of the window!!)

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.5)