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Hi, I want to add text in iMovie, but don't know how? Can someone explain it to me?


Thank you.

iMovie '11, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    You add text in iMovie by adding a Title. You will find many title styles in the Titles browser on the middle toolbar. Once you find a Title that you like, drag it into your project and drop it on top of the clip where you would like to add the title. You can also drop the title in between clips and choose a background.

    You will see the Title in the viewer, and you can select a box and add text there.


    For more, see HELP here.


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    in addendum to AppleMan's reply:


    'Titles' are short texts; a) because a TV is no 'Kindle' b) video, by standards offers a sub-optimal resolution/'quality'.


    Although, you can apply 'bigger chunks' of text as a picture:

    if your word-processor in use allows 'export page as jpg', use that.

    for example, Keynote/iWork creates beautiful designed 'charts'


    kn to im.jpg


    • text made in Keynote
    • export as jpg
    • imported to iMovie


    applying Ken Burns would allow 'scrolling text' with pictures.


    keep in mind:

    a video-screen is 2nd-best for reading longer texts.

    and, again, 'video' isn't meant for reading either.

    avoid serif typo, avoid tiny typo, avoid high contrast (red on white), avoid low contrast (grey on black).

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    Hi Karsten


    and, again, 'video' isn't meant for reading either.


    may be a taste problem


    but after seeing Swedish movies as "No wind but lot's of alcohol" (or how "Att angöra en brygga" was named) with all voices Dubbed in to German ("Wenig Wind und viel Promille"). One of the best humoristic movies made under 1960 in Sweden - my taste.


    I prefer the lower third text options as so much is - Lost in translation - and I have much more problems with lip's that don't sync. and voices that sounds strange.


    But it's just taste I guess


    In Sweden near all movies are translated and texted - and just for small children movies are dubbed.


    Yours Bengt W

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    Bengt Wärleby wrote:

    …  may be a taste problem …just for small children movies are dubbed. …

    we Germans are a nation of small children, then!

    (99.9% is dubbed here)


    sure, lower-thirds are a common way to display 'text'.


    What I tried to express was, that a 1920x1080 display, with a 25/30p frame-rate is far from comfortable to read longer, full-screen texts - a TV is no computer, no Retina-iPod, no Kindle. TV is optimized for moving pictures, not for tiny, non-moving graphics.


    sooo - a title, a lower-third, sub-titles - all fine.

    but, please, no 'books' on the telly, although I showed a method to add long copies into iMovie....