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I have about 10 different domains, all on different servers, on different hosts, with various accounts linked to Mail. Some are IMAP, some are POP3.


Mail forgets the password to each and every one of them on a periodical basis. Sometimes it's every week, sometimes I go a month, but then it forgets.


I then have to dig out my password store and paste in all the passwords again. I typically have to paste them in, then have mail complain that it still can't connect, paste them in a second time, and then it's works and mails send and receive again for that domain.


Mail then complains about the next domain, and I have to dig out the password for that.


And then Mail still complains about not knowing the password to things like my icloud and gmail accounts.

MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1)
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    Hello Tim,


    It would definitely get frustrating having to peridiodically enter passwords for 10 email accounts.  I found an article that has some suggestions if Mail is not remembering your passwords:


    Mail (Mountain Lion): If your password is not saved

    If you click “Save password” in a dialog in Mail but still have to enter your password, there are a couple of things you can try.

    • Open Keychain Access, and then locate and delete the mail account password item.While in Keychain Access, you can also choose Keychain Access > Keychain First Aid to verify and repair keychain settings.
    • Open Disk Utility, and then select the volume (for your hard disk or disks) in the list of disks and volumes. Click First Aid and then click Verify Disk. If necessary, click Repair Disk. Then send yourself a test message.

    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.



    Sheila M.